6th Nov 2009, 12:29

I have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous and have had it 2 1/2 years. In that time it has had 8 power steering pumps (no exaggeration) and 3 steering racks put on.

Several days after I purchased it, the electrical system failed on the car.

This car is a mess. The fabric in the car is constantly stained looking, and the rear hatch strap broke. It is very hard to close the hatch even with it on.

The car also stalls randomly and the temp gauge constantly fluctuates from 11 o clock to 2 o clock. This is the worst car I have ever owned, and I can't get rid of it quick enough.

19th Nov 2010, 23:31

I purchased a 2006 RDV in 2008 with only 36,000 miles on the car. Last week my car was rear-ended and totaled. I LOVED my Rendezvous so much I'm searching high and low for another one to replace it.

I only had to have the front wheel bearings replaced after driving it for a year, but that was covered under the warranty. I never had any other problems with the car, and felt I got great gas mileage as I work 30 miles away from home.

It handled well in snow and weather, and I never had to replace the brakes the whole 2.5 years I owned this car.

The seats were comfortable, we were able to take this vehicle on long trips, and I have no complaints on this great family car.

I wish that they still made Rendezvous. When my car was totaled, it had 83,000 miles on it, and it was still going strong.

2nd Dec 2010, 20:32

I purchased a brand new 2005 Rendezvous off the lot. 3 months later the issues started.

I have replaced the front hub bearing six times, wiring to the steering wheel, wiring to the heating and cooling system, wiring to the traction control (after 6 trips to the dealer because they could never "replicate the problem"), the console cover, bushings to the suspension, brakes twice, back hatch handle twice (it's been broke over 2 years now... I refuse to pay 50 dollars to have it break 6 month later again).

Back wiper arm, and most recently a transmission issue caused by failure to remove a piece in the factory that dislodged and caused my transmission to fail. My extended warranty will not cover the repair, because they deem it a GM problem due to the fact that the piece should have been removed in the factory. GM won't accept full responsibility for their error, because I am past the 36000 factory warranty.

This is the worst car I have ever owned. I will NEVER buy GM again. I should have listened to my husband who insisted I buy Ford. He has a 2005 Ford that has never needed anything beyond an oil change.