24th Feb 2007, 18:51

I have bought Buicks for the past 20 years...6 new ones.

Bought a 2006 RDV... Worst piece of junk that ever hit the road! In only 8000 miles I have had to replace the transmission, front struts, gears in steering box, power steering unit and the damn thing will not get over 13 MPG!!

I am a 65 year old lady who lives alone and need my car. I cannot depend on this junk!

28th Jan 2012, 15:03

I think this review is of another vehicle, and not a Rendezvous. There are no sliding temp controls in the vehicle?

As far as my Rendezvous is concerned, it has been very reliable over its 165,000km. Front wheel bearings done on recall in the first three years, and just regular maintenance thereafter.

Styling is questionable and subjective of course. It's my car, but it is not very good looking. Comfortable and smooth ride, but a little under powered with the 3.8 V6.

Huge cargo area can fit most everything box shaped, with the exception of 2x4's etc. There is nowhere to store them. They won't slide under the seats.

No lock button on rear hatch is annoying. You need to open the rear hatch by a button on the dash. Very often by the time you get out and around to the back, it has re-locked? A trip back to the front to push it again.

Not a great vehicle, but gets the job done. Very good used prices on all wheel drives and leather interior.

30th Jan 2012, 16:30

We test drove a Rendezvous some years back while trying to pick a new SUV. All that kept us from buying one was the styling. It was smooth, powerful enough, very well built and very high in build quality. We were impressed ,as long as we didn't have to get out and actually look at it.