1976 Buick Riviera Not the S/R 7.5L V8 from North America


The last of Detroits biggest, baddest cars (E-bodies: Toronado, Eldorado, Riviera)


None. Not one thing. Everything on the car was stock -- all AC-Delco, not one non-GM made part.

Until I made some performance mod's.

General Comments:

Okay, I have a '63, '73GS and this one, which has an ultra rare '70 Stage One 455 from the dealer NEW in 1976. It's documented. Has no smog crap, and was ordered this way. Yeah the dealer did the engine with all GM Stage One parts and a new 1970 Stage One 455 engine.

This car is class. Optional Congressional Cream. Perfect buckskin leather interior and 1/2 vinyl top.

God, I love this car.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2007