1992 Buick Riviera V6 from North America


I want to hug my car


Had to have the brakes replaced.

Only takes old freon. Have to get whole new a/c system if I can't get someone to put old freon in it.

Door ajar light stays on all the time (I think someone broke that though)

Passenger seat sometimes shorts out.

Antenna won't go down all the way after its been replaced twice (I think its cause I went through a car wash with it up)

Seats are not so comfortable because they are breaking down.

The CD player hasn't worked for many years.

General Comments:

This car is very very good in the snow and ice.

I have driven this car 400 miles daily to school and has never had to be towed except for a bad battery.

This car is reliable and for its mileage is very worthy.

I like the digital dashboard, it tells me anytime there is even a slight problem.

The car and I get along well.

The car does well against weather on the exterior.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2003

4th Sep 2004, 22:08

My best buddy bought a 1990 Riviera back in 2000 from a private owner - the car was beautiful, suspension is exceptional, the look of a clean black '90 Riviera caught many "eyes".

The only problem he experienced was the mass air flow sensor and trying to detect that was difficult, but once we knew it was that, we found one in a junk yard, (there aren't many Riviera's in salvage yards), and just FYI, the car we got it from was involved in a head on collision, and replaced the part, (Buick wanted something like $200., the salvage yard charged him $40), the car ran like new again.

He traded it at 165,000 miles and it still looked, rode, ran like a dream.

I, in turn, purchased a '92, black, well taken care of Riviera to drive during the winter months. (I have a '99 Lexus that I am leaving garaged this winter) - I can't tell you how satisfied I am with the car, the look, the way it drives, etc. Just to add to my satisfaction, I found out that the ground effects, (if that's how they're referred to), are made out of either aluminum or galvanized steel and won't rust. Must have something to do with the way Riviera's handle.

*On a note, Park Avenues or LeSabres rust out - Riviera's don't.

It's a great car - Thank God GM kept them virtually the same from 90-93.

1992 Buick Riviera from North America


Check Engine Light keeps coming on. Usually after 5 minutes of driving.

Had a mechanic try and find problem with a possible wiring harness that had frayed wiring. Mechanic tried to replace the computer module to diagnose why it wouldn't start. One day it was fine and the next it was dead. Couldn't get any response when turning on Ignition. It took one mechanic about 3 months to begin to figure out the problem, (and $1,500 later) to not have car running again.

Took to another guy to look at and his guys found the problem was re-wiring the harness and the crank sensor replaced- the car is running again. And I didn't get charged for the work! Thanks to a customer of mine (I work for a Turbo Manufacturer) He got me up and running again. I haven't had any other problems as yet! It is a great car otherwise. Next up is the shocks and struts.

General Comments:

It is a great looking car. Saw it"across a crowded car lot" and had to have it. I am glad to have it, but the bills are moderately high. Handles good.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2003

20th Nov 2003, 06:54

I've had my riv about 6 months now. I've the same inter mitten starting problem. It cost me 300 to have a new ignition switch put in, only to have the same problem 2 months later. Now I have an emergency button under the hood for when this problem occurs. I will check into the crank sensor though.

Now I have a rough Idle problem, which hopefully a tune up will cure.

1992 Buick Riviera 8 cylinder from North America


I love my Rive


This car has never left me stranded. After 130,000 the digital dash went out and and was replaced. It has now gone out again.

The compact disc player quit working a few years ago also and I have never tried to have it fixed.

Never had a transmission problem. or any repair to the power seats, windows, etc.

Also the air conditioner went out about 125,000 and I had it converted to the newer freon. Freezes me out now.

General Comments:

This car is so comfortable. Too many cars have short seats, this one has plenty of room in the front seats. Back seats are small. Large trunk area.

Doesn't look like every other car in the parking.

Rides like a dream.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003

20th Nov 2008, 00:21

To the BOSE speaker comment, speakers are universal medium and are compatibly with any capable stereo. Anyway I have a '91 Riviera and replaced my stock BOSE head unit with a bargain bin BEST BUY CD player and it works like a champ (MP3 port FTW).