1995 Buick Roadmaster Limited 5.7 LT1 from North America


The perfect sleeper


The power window switches don't work for any of the passenger windows, and I think the water pump was replaced (which is a pain as I've heard).

New battery in '02.

My biggest problem with the car is the door panels don't stay on, you get used to it though.

General Comments:

Alright to get started, the LT1 is AMAZING in this car: 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and the 1/4 mile in 14.8, and that's with about 4500lbs to pull around. It really shines in passing and merging, it's so easy to pass another car, just a little bit of throttle and you're gone.

I have the trailer towing package which includes, but is not limited to: Positraction and lower gears among other things. It has a 3.08 rear axle instead of the 2.93 standard, which means one thing: Twin Stripes. This thing does amazing burnouts. I can squeal the rears at half throttle and full throttle, I bet I could smoke my tires all the way though an intersection (county roads here folks, not little streets). I have done burnouts in parking lots and it fishtails pretty easy. I rarely beat on it.

The interior is great too, very wide and comfortable. Great seats, power recliner, both are heated, but neither work, but boy they're comfortable. The one thing that I don't like about this interior versus the interior of the 91-93 roadmaster, is they have a tachometer and mine doesn't, oh well.

I like how low you sit because of the body on frame design. I really like the automatic climate control and all that other power stuff, it's a real luxo liner.

The exterior really stands out on the streets of Minnesota, everyone looks and I get a lot of comments. The car is dark cherry metallic with maroon leather and the slotted hubcaps. Reaaal clean. The exterior feature I think is the coolest is the "opera lights" on the c pillars that glow a sort of light blue color at night. Very classy.

Kids at school (I'm 17) always ask me why I bought such a boat and I always tell them it's got a Corvette motor and they always shut up. One of the main reasons I bought the car was because I was sick of all the rice "rockets" running around and I decided I had to have the opposite -- a huge American luxury sedan -- and the fact it's got 260hp and 335lb/ft just proves my point again that American cars kick ass. Sure it gets mediocre mileage (14-25 mpg), but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, especially the looks on the other driver's faces when I'm way out in front from a green light!!!

A perfect sleeper and very deserving of the name ROADMASTER. It truly is the master of the road because of the performance, mileage and luxury. Do yourself a favor and buy one asap, you won't regret it.

P.S. The insurance is just under $1200 a year for full coverage and I'm a 17 y.o. male with no tickets and a B average. The gas is right around $1200 a year.


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Review Date: 7th May, 2004

4th Nov 2004, 20:17

I just bought a 1995 Roadmaster today. $4500.00, 115,00miles, It's a great car, all options...I'm going to love it!

21st Feb 2005, 10:28

I also own a 1995 Roadmaster. You are right, it is very fast; I just wish it had the 300hp Corvette version of the LT1 and the suspension and brakes of an Impala SS.

About you passenger windows; it sounds like you have the window lock on. The switch is just behind the four window switches on the driver's door. Make sure it is not in the lock position. Both of your electric seats not working sounds like a blown fuse. It is highly unlikely that both motors went out. The fuse panel is located to the left of the headlight switch, on the side of the dash board. Hope this helps.

1995 Buick Roadmaster 5.7 V8 LT1 from North America


100% pure Detroit muscle


I had to purchase new tires; I wore out the old ones. Other than that nothing else has gone wrong or broken.

General Comments:

This car is awesome. My dad picked it up in an auction for $3600 and surprised me with it for and early high school graduation present (about one month before school ended). When the kids at school first saw me in the car they made fun of me. I am a short, thin person so most the people thought it was ironic that I drove the biggest car that was in the school parking lot. Also most of the kids at my high school drove import cars with cheap 4 bangers and thought they were the greatest. One day I finally had enough of being made fun of so I decided to drag race on of the kids. I just let it all out, the tires were smoking and I destroyed him off the line and I always won every other race. Except my friend who drives a Honda Nighthawk motorcycle; But if we got in a head on crash, who do you think would win?

This car is very comfortable and great on gas. I miss this car, my dad made me buy a winter car and put the Road Master away for the winter, but come spring time I will rip up the roads again.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2003

21st Dec 2009, 23:02

If you keep beating up on your Buick like that, you'll eventually be sorry. If you love the car as much as you say you do, maybe treat it with a bit more respect. These big older cars are made very well, but they're still not indestructible, and it will be very hard for you to find another one similar to replace it, trust me.

22nd Dec 2009, 12:27


I agree with what you said, but since the review was written by a high school student back in 2003, I suspect the Buick is long gone. I certainly hope the reviewer has grown up since then and is driving more responsibly now. (It is hard to imagine driving less responsibly)

17th Dec 2010, 09:06

I love my Roadmaster just as much as anyone else, but I have never seen the point in not driving it like it's meant to be driven. It's a shame to never play around and see what the car can do. I'm not saying all the time or anything, but enjoy the power this car has; the 350 isn't a china doll ;) You can be a little rough on it and have fun.