17th Feb 2001, 13:17

I'd have to agree about the Buick Roadmaster, it certainly is an interesting car, it's the last of big American cars. It's a throw back car to a time when bigger was better. I think it's a keeper.

14th Mar 2001, 05:17

Feb. 12th 2001, I purchased my first Buick Roadmaster with only 65,000 miles on the clock. I've lusted after these cars ever since they came out in 1992. My car is a 1992 Limited with about everything on it. The '92s had the throttle body injection set up, but I have tricked it out a bit. I installed a DynoMax Super Turbo muffler, very soft rumble, a K&N filtercharger air cleaner element in the air box. I also removed the snorkel and the restrictive steel ring surrounding the injecters. I replaced the standard plugs with Platinum ones, new plug wires, and Borg/Warner cap and roter with brass contacts. Wow, what a difference in performance. This car doesn't have the LT1 engine, but with what I've done to this car it kicks butt. Oh, I also run super unleaded. With the knock sensor, the electronic spark advance will advance the timing until it hears "pinging". Then it maintains the timing at the level of very moderate spark knock, which improves performance!

I love this car. The only thing I don't like is the cheap fit and finish on the interior fake wood pieces on the dash. They sometimes rattle, but I'm trying to remedy this problem.

Bravo to the 17 year old on owning a car like this. I've always loved Big sedans with powerful V-8 engines! Even when I was in high school back in the early 1970s.

14th Jun 2001, 11:23

I have driven Cadillacs for many years. As a persnickety older driver (going on 79) I will state without a doubt that the '94 Roadmaster Limited has been the best automobile I have ever owned, bar none. It is more satisfying in every respect, ride, performance..etc. The only trade I would opt for would be the '96 version. As they are few and far between, I will simply drive this one into oblivion. It now has 80K and remains the most silent, tightest car I have driven over the years. And it rivals the "hot rods," the Olds 88 Rockets of the 50's.

16th Aug 2001, 03:39

My parents own a '94 Buick Roadmaster Limited, I am a mere 16 but I love the car. All the cruisers who spend 20,000+ on vehicles can never come close to it, it is a BEAST and the corvette engine makes it extremely fast!.

27th Aug 2001, 15:34

I'm 21 and I live in Germany. I have always loved american full size cars.

The Roadmaster is surely the best of them all!

I will soon sell my '98 VW Polo and buy a '91 or '92 Park Avenue instead.

I'm still going to college, but when I'm finished and earn my own money I will buy a '94-'96 Roadmaster at once. I can't wait to see the faces of all those guys in their BMW's and Audis when I shake them off on the Autobahn.

28th Oct 2001, 11:43

I own a 92 Roadmaster. It's a great car besides the molding on the doors always falling off. The other problem is the knocking and pinging I hear when accelerating. However I love this car.

22nd Nov 2001, 12:03

I have a 93 "roadmonstor" and love it! What a powerful beast and comfort oh yeah.

23rd May 2002, 14:05

I own a 1994 Roadmaster and will drive it as long as it will hold together. When it's time to give up the ghost (if it ever does), I will find another one and drive it. Out of 20 cars I have owned, this is the best, bar none. It is powerful, dignified, gets great mileage. Getting in the car after driving something else is like a vacation, it is so comfortable. And it has tremendous personality. The horn was enough to make me want to buy the car. The only thing about it is, because it is a rear wheel drive and so powerful, sometimes it can get a little squirrly during inclement weather, but that is a small price to pay for having such a magnificent machine.

20th Aug 2002, 23:25

I'm cruising around in a '91 Roadmaster wagon and it runs as beautifully as it did when we first bought it to now at 246,000 miles!! And all my friends love how comfortable the seats are.

8th Oct 2002, 17:43

By way of introduction, I must admit that I do not own a Roadmaster. For what it is worth, I have owned a Buick Century and a tricked-out Regal some years ago, but the reason for finding this site today is because I was humiliated in my VW Jetta GLI by what appeared to be a '96 Roadmaster Station Wagon, complete with fake wood paneling and dual exhaust. I wanted to find out how this was possible - now I know!

The gentleman driving this Roadmonster walked away from me at 115 mph as if I was driving at 55 in the slow lane. I hate to admit defeat, but on the straight-a-way, I didn't have a chance. On the twisties - that's another story!

Bravo to the ultimate sleeper.

Rob in Ontario.

10th Nov 2002, 19:02

I own a 1992 Roadmaster 4-door sedan. I have to agree it is the finest riding car I've ever owned. They don't make automobiles like this anymore. It is gratifying to see young people (I am 47 myself) enjoy fine automobiles, such as full-size American V-8 cars.

17th Apr 2003, 09:49

I bought a 95 Roadmaster Limited with 47k miles and wire wheel covers a few months ago. I have owned/sold quite a few cars over the years. This one is staying with me. Last week I was in an area I was unfamiliar with and was in the left lane (4 lane road) and needed to turn right. I accelerated fairly quickly to move over, but the Integra next to me must have thought I was trying to race him. He stepped on it and even though by then I was going around 20 mph, I punched it and my rear tires "Chirped" and he was left very dazed and confused. I find myself now, at 40, cruising around looking for Hondas, AcuraS and even the occasional BMW to harass. I would like to get rid of these nasty wire wheel covers though. Maybe a nice set of stock rims off an Impala SS and chrome tips for my exhaust!Is this what they mean by mid-life crisis? I thought it was supposed to be a Porsche, not a Buick!

24th Apr 2003, 13:46

I have a chance to purchase a brilliant white '94 Roadmaster with 100K, 5.7L, leather and loaded. Never seen snow or salt. MINT shape. Reading these comments, I'm certainly being swayed toward it. Doesn't really suit all of my needs, but it really seems like a "don't miss" opportunity. Thanks for the forum to read that kind of input.

2nd May 2003, 09:38

I wish GM read these comments.

May be they will finally understand what a mistake did the do by discontinuing full-size cars in 1996.

21st Jul 2003, 12:29

I have always been a fan of the big B-bodies rolling out of Detroit (Arlington TX for the production plant that once graced the all mighty Roadmonster). My daily driver is a 1995 Caprice Classic. My true gem is the 1996 Buick Roadmaster Limited Edition. I purchased the car about 3 years ago with 65K from a West Virginia wholesaler. I have done some modifications for handling. I have installed Impala SS front springs and rear springs and outfitted the corners with Edelbrock IAS shocks. Very nice addition. I have added a rear sway bar and increased the stock 28 mm front bar to a Caprice police version 30 mm bar. Other enhancments are 17" Eagle Alloy Rims with BF Goodrich Comp TAs P255R17. Feature changes will include an Impala SS rear axle complete with rear disc brakes and a change from the stock 2.56 gear to a 3.73 gear (posi of course). Other changes will be the Impala SS front spindles on the front to lower about 1 inch for handling. This car is great.