1992 Buick Skyhawk GS 3.3 V6 209hp from North America


One bad ass car!


Replaced the battery and alternator at 130.000.

At 155,000 miles, started having problems with keeping the car cool. Replaced the thermostat and flushed radiator, problem fixed.

Car engine blew at 155,309 miles. Replaced the engine, and I still own this car.

General Comments:

I drive this car over 300 miles every weekend for almost the last two years. Runs great every time. Doesn't even act tired after the trip.

Handles excellent and has great acceleration.

Comfortable and affordable in every way.

Any stereo system sounds good in this car.

I plan on keeping this car for many years to come. I just had it repainted and it looks beautiful.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2007

22nd Aug 2007, 18:00

Actually your car is a Skylark, they've stopped making the Skyhawk's after the 1989 model year.