5th Apr 2005, 11:27

I agree with the comment... even with the low miles it is worth about 800.00 (Look it up in Kelly Blue Book). By the way... I have a Yugo I'd sell you for three grand!!!

5th Apr 2005, 12:43

Hahaha this is too rich!

So, the "little old church lady" only drove it to church on Sundays eh? Wonder what the dealer gave her husband for it as a trade? $250?

That Chevy dealer's used car dept will probably celebrate every April 2 from now on. Too bad you did not buy a day earlier, April Fools' Day would have been an appropriate date for the deal you got!

21st Apr 2005, 10:06

The worst thing that could happen in that case, would be the oil, which changing it would be alright. I have a 86 skyawk custom, and I really haven't had much trouble, mine has about 144000 on it. Not saying you didn't get ripped off, but I am saying it is a good car.

26th Nov 2008, 23:26

When I said I looked it over with a fine tooth comb (I have mechanical experience - I am also the M&R Coordinator for an international shipping company, I handle the M&R (Maintenance & Repair) of ocean shipping containers, reefers, gen-sets, and chassis), I know what to look for.

The car was SPOTLESS, engine compartment was pristine. (Believe me that pressure washing can only get so much of the old gunk off of an engine.) The only thing I did (in addition to my earlier comment) mechanically to this car was a timing chain (they're know to go - but after sitting for 18 years and finally being driven every day, that was bound to happen. No biggie.

Yes, I put a little bit of money into it, but it's all worth it. I think it's a "REAL RUNNER" - it looks good too. Some of you antagonists would probably appreciate a digipic of the car, but I wouldn't want to make you jealous. Hey, I'm even thinking of making it into a turbo. (Weimer Machine will do it for me cheap.) Yer just jealous.

10th May 2009, 22:55

I just bought a 1987 Buick Skyhawk Station Wagon. 2.0l auto with 48,000 miles and fully loaded. I paid $400.00 Canadian, which is about $320 US. Needs brakes, but is like new. Now who's jealous? LOL.

Take care and keep em on the road.