1990 Buick Skylark Custom 3.3 V6 from North America


Great first car


At about 82,000 miles I had to replace the thermostat.

At 82,000 miles the coolant temperature sensor needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

If maintained, this car has a lot of get up and go.

As smooth of a drive as it is, this car has seats that are a bit uncomfortable for long drives.

Easy to maintain, but it's a little hard to work on the motor when something goes wrong, due to the lack of space in the engine compartment.

This car takes hills and turns like a straight level road.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2014

1990 Buick Skylark 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Great daily driver!


The car needed a new rear brake master cylinder when I bought it.

It started leaking on the front right passenger side whenever it rained.

Alternator went out at 67,000.

Heater core went out at 68,000.

These repairs were relatively cheap.

The paint is peeling off.

The dashboard rattles when the car is idling. I think it's the valve springs.

General Comments:

I think this car was a good buy for $650.

It's great for getting around town. I average between 21-23 mpg.

The seats do not recline, so it gets uncomfortable after longer trips.

It's no speed demon, but it's not the slowest car on the road either. It handles pretty well around turns.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2009

1990 Buick Skylark 2.5 liter 4-cylinder from North America


Decent basic transportation


The air conditioner died.

The headliner fell down.

The ignition module failed.

The lock-up on the torque converter operates erratically.

The speedometer displays a speed that is twice as fast as the actual speed. At 48mph the speedometer is buried.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $200 and replaced the belts, tires, battery, alternator, ignition module, oil and coolant to make it reliable. I have about $600 invested. I've driven the car over a year-and-a-half and it has been faithful.

The lock up torque converter was erratic at low speeds so I wired a toggle switch into the purple wire that operates the clutch. At low speeds I open the switch so the clutch can't engage. At highway speeds I close the switch for better fuel economy.

The mechanicals inside the motor are very noisy. It might be the timing chain.

Average about 31mpg in mostly highway driving.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2007

1990 Buick Skylark Custom 4 cylinder from North America


Great car for the price


Almost nothing has gone wrong with this car.

Alternator went at 54,000 miles.

Paint started to turn chalky and peel.

Muffler had a hole in it.

One tail light bulb burned out.

General Comments:

This is a great car, especially for a first car.

The car has a lot of pep for a four cylinder engine.

Air conditioner is ice cold, and heat is nice and hot.

The car was repainted due to it peeling off, looks great now.

The factory speakers and radio are not that great.

Not that comfortable on very long trips. The car is a little small, front seat is roomy, but the back seat is a little tight.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

1990 Buick Skylark 2.5 from North America


Ol' blue kicks ass


I've replaced the alternator twice, the timing chain, a couple lugs and a couple hoses - nothing too major.

General Comments:

I love this car with everything I've got. This car runs well for a 4 cylinder family oriented car, she'll break a hundred easily, perfect for smoking and incredibly comfortable.

She's excellent on gas and while she might not be the most beautiful car in the world, a paint job and some new rims definitely helps the stock appearance.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2000