5th Nov 2002, 12:16

I've owned 3 Skylarks so far and I have not had any serious problems with any of them. All except one big problem; (the A/C broke down in my 94, but was covered thank God, by the extended warranty). I've owned a 1976, 1980 and now a 1994 Skylark. I take pride and very good care of my 94 Skylark which was purchased in 1995 from a dealership as one of their last year demos. Today November 5, 2002; it still runs like new and looks like it just came out off the show-room floor. It has absolutely no rust anywhere and runs like a dream. I spend many a hours and weekend keeping it looking that way as well as proper maintenance to keep it in perfect running condition. I love my Skylark and was sad to hear that GM was discontinuing the Skylark line from its fleet of GM cars. One word of advise, take good care of your, (Skylark) investment and it will take care of you with problem free repairs and many years of enjoyment. Thank-you.

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Ric from Ont.

20th Mar 2004, 16:26

I have a Buick Skylark it is a 1993 model it's a 3.3 and it is a 6 cylinder vehicle. My car cranks up smoothly, but when ever it's shifted into drive it cuts off. So I tried putting it into reverse and it cuts off in reverse too. Before this problem occurred I could drive the car to the store and it would cut off, but would start back up and go with out a problem. It only did this once or twice, but didn't do it again for a while. Water also is always in my car too in the front on both sides and in the trunk and on the passenger floors too. I don't know where the water is coming from at first I thought it came from when it was raining. So I dried up all the water and put it under the shed, the next following day it was water there again. Even on sunny days water is always on the floor. please email me about what the problems could be. thank you.Email address lamyrong@aol.com.

26th Feb 2008, 10:31

OK, I'm sure most of you that Skylarks share underpinnings with the Grand Am and lesser extent Sunbirds and Cavaliers. Any 92-96 Grand Am/Skylark/Sunbird (not sunfire) and 94 and older Cavaliers have the water leaking problems and I have been told that it's just a bad design of the firewall. What happens is dirty, salt, and other junk collect on small flat areas on the fire wall and then corrode it until it eventually breaks through and leaks water into the car. There is no way to fix the car really because even morning dew can accumulate enough to start wet spots/puddles in the car. All you can do is pay someone to rebuild the firewall (very pricey) or just trade the car or scrap it. Personally I've had 2 93 Skylarks, 1 94 Sunbird 1 90 Cavalier and 4 92-94 Grand Ams and all, but 1 has had this issue. As for overheating check your intake gasket as it may be leaking giving you all the problems again not a cheap fix, but it will solve your problem. Hope this has helped.

26th Jul 2008, 10:17

I know I'm reading these posts just a little late. First of all, I own a 1993 Buick Skylark Custom and with only 65K miles. Yes, it's a decent car; considering I'm 6'6". But, in case of anyone else coming to this page, I would like to mention that if the car is overheating then don't drive it. You could accidentally do some extra damage because the engine heads could warp or crack. Not a big crack, just a little one, but still. For the intake manifold, It's the part of the engine on top and is usually silver, it's also aluminum. Take off the oil cap with the engine idling and place the palm of your hand over the hole now, and check to see if you feel vacuum. If so, replace your intake manifold gasket. In some cases, if it's blown, when you accelerate, you might feel a miss in the engine. This is caused by a vacuum leak, and the fuel/air mixture is off. Hope I helped.