26th Mar 2007, 07:08

In '88 they made 2,569 units.

Interesting you made that comparison since I own a BLACK '88 Allante and a RED 5.0 MUSTANG GT.

I love BOTH, but I call the Mustang the BEAST; it easily leaves the Allante in the dust, but the Allante easily pulls away in the comfort and styling areas, not in speed.

26th Mar 2007, 13:49

The Allante was a competitor for the Mercedes SL, not a Ferrari or Porsche. In fact, Car and Driver ranked it higher than an SL, although Mercedes changed models the next year.

8th Jul 2008, 08:58

Since my comment of 26th Mar 2007, 07:08, I have added a 2nd car as the '88 is failing badly - hey, it cheap to buy. You name it, the suspension, the electronics, the ABS brake system, the transmission. The engine is solid, the rest of the car is yikes. I am now using it for parts for the 2nd one. One other thing, the value. Unbelievable drop. The '93 cars have dropped from $20k to $5k in two years, the other years one can find as low as $1,000. Drive it until the wheels fall off and sell the headlights which is about the only thing worth selling. What an embarrassment for GM to have the Allante bear the Cadillac name on it. Why some nit-wit would pay more than a couple thousand? you got me.

My next car is going to be a real Cadillac, like the STS-V or the CTS-V. Enough of this fake Italian glory.

7th Dec 2015, 04:51

Hello, my name's Charles, I'm from Laurel MS. I have a 88 Cadillac Allante; it runs good and shifts good. It's Boss Blue, I think 2500 were made. Thanks for reading. My email is clowe83@icloud.com. I love my Caddy, have had it 12 years, but it needs dash work. Can't seem to figure the problem. Anyway thanks.