1984 Cadillac Brougham Fleetwood Coupe HT-4.1 4.1 Ltr V8 from North America


A roomy, if underpowered, creature comforted highway-cruising machine, that's easy on the fuel bill


After the climate control module was replaced (from a junkyard, as GM has stopped manufacturing replacement units), and the AC compressor was upgraded to R1400 coolant, the biggest challenge was a rebuilt alternator and a series of 5 broken V-belts that just couldn't keep the battery charged.

For these 6th generation aluminum-engined Cadillacs, it's essential to stay on top of oil changes, and to have a reliable, knowledgeable mechanic to bring it to for regular maintenance, as well as repairs.

General Comments:

It's not the jet-away Caddy of decades past; it's about as fast off the line as a city bus. So unless you keep it in 3rd gear between 0-30 mph, city traffic will hate you with a passion.

It gets between 21-24 mpg on the freeway (between 55 and 65 mph in overdrive), and feels like a floating couch with everything you need at the tips of your fingers -- although noise reduction and shock dampening leave a bit more to be desired than in previous years.

I've owned and driven Cadillacs from the 1950s and 60s, and this isn't a sloshy blubber-barge that heels over on the slightest turn. It isn't an 'unmanageable vehicle' that you aim, rather than steer -- rather, this is a large, solidly-built slab of Detroit Iron that requires an extrasensory driving sensibility. You just have to experience, and grow accustomed to the "low and wide Cadillac ride."

After 10 years of driving '84s, I've just developed a sense of what this car can do, and where this car can park. I wouldn't go back, unless it was in model years (the 1959 convertible is my dream car)

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Review Date: 21st November, 2009

13th Feb 2011, 08:18

Prior to owning the 1984 Cadillac that I now own, I owned a 1983 Sedan Deville. Both great cars. Maybe a little underpowered, but the gas mileage is great, especially with today's costs.

The comfort level is unbelievable and more than makes up for the lack of power. Just sit back and enjoy.

Jim Bova.