26th Jul 2009, 18:36

Hi, I've had my Catera for a year now and she's been great! I keep up with the maintenance on the car just like you should; don't be cheap, fix it so it will treat you good!

15th Dec 2009, 12:51

This 2000 Cadillac Catera is a nightmare, I paid 4150.00 with 60,000 miles, and I have spent over 3,000 dollars and still have problems. This car is a P.O.S. Japanese cars are the best...

6th Jul 2010, 12:34

I, too, purchased a 1997 in 2000, with 56,000 miles on it. From the first week, we had problems with it. We'd get one thing fixed and the next month, it was something else. The wiring was traced twice, and no problems were found with that.

We've had the car to every mechanic we know, and was always told the same thing: don't bring it back to me!

When the fan under the hood came on, the radio came on. When the fan cut off, the radio cut off. When the radiator was replaced, we no longer had a/c.

It's been sitting in the yard for 2 years now, no one wants to work on it, and I don't know what to do with it. I loved everything about this car, especially that it steel; but it's no good to me like this. It's a lemon.

27th Jul 2010, 08:30

We bought the 2001 Catera from a buy here/pay here in May with 60K on the odometer. The A/C does not work, the clutch on the compressor does not engage, and the check engine light stays on. The oil light comes on and goes off every once in a while. The radio is intermittent when a door is closed.

The main issue is getting the A/C fixed. Any suggestions prior to taking it in to the shop?

14th Aug 2011, 18:57

Hi there. Is the air flow sensor you refer to also called the MAF? I replaced mine on my 2001 Cadillac Catera among about 10 other parts, and my check engine is still on. Any help?

14th Aug 2011, 19:15

The problem with the check engine light coming on isn't whether you will ignore it or not. The problem, at least in TX here, is you CAN'T GET A STATE INSPECTION. I'm still trying to get mine off so I can get my tag. BS!