2009 Cadillac CTS 4 Direct Injection from North America


Safe, durable, sporty and luxurious



General Comments:

For a vehicle that typically gets "babied" by its owners, I have treated this brand new CTS just like any other vehicle I have had. I have driven it through a horrendous winter full of ice, slush and corrosive salt. Yet it faithfully starts every morning in -20 conditions and the paint doesn't even show signs of damage after being exposed to flying dirt, ice and salt.

The AWD option is literally a lifesaver on the snowy highways, I was able to accelerate and steer out of an accident (not even using winter tires) when a vehicle in front of me spun off the highway. I had to pull a sharp left and avoid the guardrail and the spinning vehicle, both of which were accomplished due to even torque distribution. I am very glad this luxury vehicle is made for real living :o)

Of course, the luxury is also nice! Satellite radio makes boring drives a breeze; literally every audible niche is available. The 5.1 Bose provides sufficient bass with an 8" subwoofer and detailed highs in the front sound stage. The car is also as silent as a coffin (pardon the analogy). I actually found it difficult to gain information about the vehicle performance because I couldn't hear the engine or the road noise. Therefore those who drive sports cars by sound will have difficulty with this vehicle. The only interior detriment is that my back gets sore after about 2 hours of continuous driving, mind you that is probably expected.

The fog lights are fantastic when dense snow falls and the HIDs with light-bars are very stylish. The big 18" polished wheels fit the car proportionately with a sporty-enough ride height on the suspension. The only aesthetic issue that bothers me is the 1" plastic trim at the very bottom of the front fender. Could they have afforded to paint this?

The Direct Injection engine is scarily quick. You have to press the pedal beyond 50% to tap into the performance aspects of the engine. This is a smart design strategy as it makes quiet "Caddy-Driving" much easier. However, I hammered it once while getting on the highway and scared the heck out of myself because before I reached the end of the on-ramp, I was far in excess of the posted limit. I will be much more cautious of the engine power in the future. However, for the more reckless and adrenaline junkies, you'll will fall in love with the 304hp DI engine.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2009

22nd Feb 2009, 21:44

My wife and I absolutely love the styling of the new CTS. I just watched the wonderful British car show "Top Gear" and saw a test of the really incredible CTS-V, which is the fastest 4-door sedan in the history of the automobile. GM can justifiably be VERY proud of such achievements as the CTS-V and Corvette ZR-1, which puts Ferrari to shame. Who knows, once this recession ends I may trade both my Mustang and my Fusion in on a CTS!!