29th Dec 2006, 19:41

The reviewer should not have to go through the extra work. it was the car its self, still under warranty, that caused the mishap in the first place. and because it was a GM product, and a GM dealer, THEY should be the ones to take care of this.

31st Dec 2006, 17:31

You are lucky. If you were going faster with more traffic, ouch!

5th Jan 2007, 22:11

The CTS pinion seal problem is apparently well known by GM and they do nothing. Two dealers in CA told me so, I've replaced 2 in the first 6000 miles!

30th May 2007, 13:58

My 2006 CTS is in the shop for the 6th time today due to the rear differential "growling/vibration." New lubricant was tried, differential was replaced, two visits were due to a seal leaking oil from the rear end. I rent cars for road trips and take back roads to work and back; don't want to be on the interstate. Not the experience, or the car, I thought I was buying! Any advice?

17th Oct 2007, 09:16

I have had my 2006 CTS since Dec 2005. I have not had any issue with the car or GM. In fact MY vehicle was in for routine maint., and the dealer phoned and advised me of several "service tips" for this model, they went ahead and did the revisions. Perhaps a new dealer should be in your horizon!

30th Oct 2007, 16:01

Sounds like this is an import car disguised as a Cadillac.

11th Nov 2007, 17:01

My wife's 2006 cts is in the shop for the 4th. time to repair a rear differential seal. The issue is larger than the seal alone. Four times she has been stranded out of town on an interstate, twice in the middle of the night. Note: the problem has been addressed by 4 different dealer repair facilities. No long-term fix is ever attainable it seems. They just bubble gum it together and hope the warranty will expire before the next failure.

Interested in forming a group of like minded G.M. victims to explore a class-action lawsuit to spank these corporate individuals who think they are insulated from the common consumer.

13th Jan 2008, 15:42

I had a 2005 CTS for 3 years and never experienced anything other than a wonderful sound comfortable safe ride. I just purchased a 2008 CTS loaded and already have put 2000 miles on it with absolutely no problems, but complete luxury.

29th Jun 2008, 12:56

GM must do everything it can to stop these problems at their dealerships, especially Cadillac dealerships. GM must also stop trying to cut costs on a car by using cheaper materials. This has been seen on many new American cars, even the ones people otherwise like very much, and the money that may be saved from such an act will only be lost in the form of consumers who turn away after hearing or seeing such cheapness. If GM, and Cadillac in particular, wants to be number one in the US market again, cheapness should be a word used only when speaking of pens and wastebaskets.

Simply put, GM - If you wouldn't give even one out of all of your products to your own parents, what on earth is that car doing at your dealerships?

8th Nov 2008, 00:46

AND you wonder WHY GM maybe going into bankruptcy.

18th Dec 2008, 16:43

At this moment every car company in the world is looking at bankruptcy. My 2005 CTS has gone 60,000 miles without so much as a hick-up. Dealers do vary greatly in this area, my local dealer just closed due to this. Many dealers sell a dozen other brands now days like Hyundai or KIA along with Cadillac- they forget what Cadillac service is all about. Many mechanics do more damage than good when attempting to fix something. Find a good mechanic and you find the best dealerships. Me, I fix my cars myself if I need to- My Eldorado's Have 225,000 and 335,000 miles and will probably live longer than I will. This CTS will last me until the Gas in the world runs out. GM makes great cars from my experience (30 years driving them)

1st Apr 2009, 00:30

My 2006 CTS engine just blew up, apparently there was less than 1 liter of oil left in it.

The dash never lit up to say that there was low oil, no engine light, nothing.

The dealership ripped the engine apart (at my expense) and found there was a defect and that the engine has significant oil blow by, but GM refuses to cover it, even though a couple months earlier another CTS was in with the same problem and they covered that.

I will never own another GM in my lifetime.

10th Jun 2009, 09:44

And this is all part, in my personal opinion at least, of why GM is where they are today (Chapter 11 court, and to emerge out of that under federal government ownership). With the exception of a few stalwart rock-solid models, they made almost ridiculously poor marketing and development decisions (really need to mass produce a 425 hp 40,000 dollar CAMARO right now??? to take just one example). And the Pontiac division would require a whole other book to be written to document its ridiculous designs, subpar build qualities, and poor reliability.

The sad fact is GM has been generally beaten out for years now in the build quality and reliability and even customer service sectors of the market by foreign competition (much of which is, love it or hate it, built at least partially right here in the US now by American workers). All these ultra free-marketeer and uber-capitalist Americans waving flags and yelling Buy American Only (as if there even is such a thing left anymore), take note; the free market spoke...

10th Jun 2009, 12:27

This entire thread encapsulates why the once-invincible GM lays dying on life support while I type this. How on earth did a company with such massive resources, history, brand identity, customer loyalty, and intelligent people mess it all up so badly?

I can't remember getting into a GM car that was built in the last 40 years and being impressed by it. Even as a kid I could see they were flimsy, primitive, cheap, and uninspired. By age 12 I could see that all a Cadillac was was a Chevy with leather seats and some goofy gadgets thrown in at extreme cost. It appeared to me even then that GM buyers were being had on some level or other.

My brother bought a CTS brand-new in 2007. I was impressed by the "Art and Design" styling but when I got in I was like, "What?" I was expecting Lexus but it was more like Dodge. I reached to the side to adjust the seat and there was no switch. Turns out it was a manually adjusted seat, like I had in my 83 Toyota pickup. IN A CADILLAC. Cadillac, which became synonymous with "luxury". In Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, etc. and all the other import luxury brands, things like power seats are standard, but I guess GM feels they can wring out a few more bucks making it an option -- all the while destroying their brand.

My grandfather just bought a Buick and when I got in I thought it was a 1995 or something based on how cheap the interior was (vinyl "leather", cheap switches, plastic everything). Turns out it was a 2005. Has GM learned nothing? They should have invested money in quality materials and better design instead of paying Led Zeppelin millions to use their music in their commercials. If you build a great car, people WILL buy it. But if you build a sub-par car, you have to spend millions making it look sexy so that people will be fooled into buying it.

The new CTS, the upcoming Buick LaCrosse 2010, and the Buick Enclave seem to be decent cars. But its too little too late. You can talk about union contracts and credit crunch and all that but in the end, GM committed suicide by slow poisoning.