1962 Cadillac DeVille Coup 390 C.I.D. V8 from North America


Less car, more rocket ship


Water pump failed after 500 miles. Replaced that and timing chain/gear set and thermostat.

Performed complete tune up on vehicle at this time with new distributor and coil.

New tires and brakes at 900.

Had car painted (original white).

Had front and rear bumpers re-chromed, and replaced many faded stainless trim pieces at time of paint)

Replaced A/C compressor 6 months before I sold it.

General Comments:

The car was great. I had a 65 Impala SS with a 396 before I bought the Caddy. I loved my Impala, but my Cadillac was just breath-taking. I found it at a car show in a town next to mine with a sign saying 2000 OBO. I picked it up with 1100 as my best offer.

It was faded and had some rust on the lower fenders and around the back glass, but those fins!!! They were not tall airplane rudders like the 59's, but with the 61 and 62 design you had four fins instead of two!! And don't let anyone ever fool you, these cars will R.U.N. I found the 390 engine that came in it to be a well balanced engine with a generous power band, while providing smooth torque delivery and virtually whisper quiet emissions.

My color combo was white with red interior. The paint like I said was dull and a little rusty, but a little body work fixed that.

My interior was beautifully well maintained for any year car, so I did nothing to that. Even the dash looked like something you'd see in a Buck Rogers comic. Typical Cold War, Kennedy-era, space-happy design all the way around! Hated to sell it but was offered 20k and had just graduated high school with a need for college money. Go tigers!!!

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Review Date: 7th May, 2009