1989 Cadillac DeVille Sedan 4.5L gasoline from North America


Hard to justify replacing it with a new one


Replaced radiator at 120000 miles.

Replaced water pump at 125000 miles.

Replaced the A/C pump at 135000 miles.

Replaced front main bearing at 140000 miles.

Replaced alternator at 145000 miles.

Replaced the front and rear struts at 150000 miles.

Grounds-associated driveability problems at 160000 miles.

Replaced headliner at 202000 miles.

Replaced oil pan gasket at 205000 miles.

Aftermarket brake pads and rotors last about 25000 miles.

General Comments:

Still use 10W-30 oil - changed at 3000 miles.

There has been no oil consumption at 205000 miles.

Gas mileage was 17/28 MPG at 40000 miles, and is 14/25 MPG at 205000 miles. It operates most efficiently at 70 MPH.

Drives great, has comfortable seats and good legroom, along with outstanding visibility.

Paint and clear coat are like new.

It is easy on tires - replaced at 50000 and 140000 miles.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2011

1989 Cadillac DeVille Sedan 4.5 V8 from North America


A gift from God


The transmission coolant line rusted up; started leaking.

Very slow oil leak.

Most of the sensors don't work.

Exhausts rusted up.

Windows go up very slow (sometimes got to help it).

Paint clear coat went bad.

I guess air line for car leveling has a leak.

General Comments:

Well I would like to say, for a car this old, most higher class cars don't have all the cool things my car has. This car is truly a classic, and is the best car I driven and even rode in.

The car is a trooper too; the guy I got it from took care of it the best he could, but he didn't know anything about car, because when I picked it up, the guy hadn't put any transmission oil in it for a long time, and drove it like that, and when I checked it because I thought it was driving funny, there was next to no oil in the transmission, and I put like 4 and a half quarts in it.

Also, the exhaust pipe rusted up and broke off, so it was very loud, and because of that, the car took off slow because the engine had no back pressure, but after fixing those problems, this car was the best thing that happened in my life.

If anyone is reading this and is thinking about buying one, DO IT!!! If you get a good one with no big problems, this car will last you your whole life!!!

I don't really like GMC or Chevy made things, but this car is awesome. I love it, and I would never get rid of it.

And for big guys like me, you will love this car; it has so much space, and it is very good on gas. I drove 253 miles on one tank, and still had 4 gallons in the tank.

On the highway I got it up to 23 mpg (and that's even better than a 2004 Ford Escape, which only gets 20-21 mpg highway, it has 3.0 V6, and I love Fords, but I think it's sad this big V8 car gets better mpg). That's very good, given it's a V8, and the car is almost as heavy as a tank.

The trunk space its really big. And the car isn't bad on the brakes for how large the car is.

The stock speakers are good, but can't take loud music or songs with heavy bass, but other music plays pretty good, but I don't really think they would be good for how old it is.

The seats feels like you're setting in a Lazy Boy chair.

The car shifts very smooth, and rides very smooth, even over big bumps. I'm sorry for making you read all this nonsense, just this car is a dream, I really love it, and I thank Cadillac for making this car; they made me a life long fan of Cadillacs.

Thanks for reading. :)

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Review Date: 6th July, 2010