1991 Cadillac DeVille Touring Sedan 4.9 liter from North America


A high quality luxo sports car that hauls six


By the time I bought this car I had some experience with Cadillac's and always bought the manual. The Cadillac's have onboard diagnostics. With just two fingers and the manual it will tell you what's wrong.

This was a de Ville Touring Sedan - a real wolf in sheep's clothing. It has a different final drive ratio making it a lot quicker to 60, and losing a mile to the gallon city and highway.

The standard equipment is impressive. The interior has real lacquered wood, better saddle colored leather upholstery, a different tighter and harder riding suspension, and electronic sensor-trac shocks which are no longer available, and that adjust the ride to road speed.

Appearance-wise it looks like a caddy that a teenager has made into a hot rod. No hood ornament, color-matched handles and mirrors, no pinstripes and minimal chrome add to the mystique.

It was the third and best Cadillac I have ever owned. Other than routine maintenance, I replaced only a computer for $120.- a power steering pump $60. and a front wheel bearing for $60. doing the labor myself. A catalytic converter for $140. and a water pump for $550. both by the dealer.

The water pump should always be replaced by the dealer. On this transverse engine it is very difficult to do. It will have a lifetime warranty on it, and I had it go out again a year later.

General Comments:

A real smoker at the stoplights. Low insurance rates make it great for teenagers, and fun to drive.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2004

15th Mar 2004, 10:03

Calling a deVille a sports car?? Get real.

28th Mar 2004, 17:00

Hey I got a Deville also if your next to me at a light ill smoke ya -Donniez.

29th Mar 2004, 13:29

Alright all you Chevette diesel and Yugo owners out there--Donniez is issuing you all a challenge.

19th May 2005, 18:28

No where did the author mention anything about the Deville being a 'sports car' However, for an early 90s luxury boat, they were pretty powerful. I had a 1990 Deville with the little smaller 4.5 V8 (replaced by the 4.9 in 91) and it had an impressive amount of low end torque making for good jack rabbit starts from stop lights and such. I always felt like I more than enough power to get out of sticky situations on the road. When I needed to pass on a two lane road, I did it with confidence. Overall, a very good car and gave me 200,000 miles of faithful service. Unfortunately, I was rearended by a truck at a stop light, and the insurance company totaled it. I am currently looking for another one. I much prefer these older Cadillacs to the newer models. IMO, the 1994 and later years with the Northstar were far more problematic, cheaply built and don't hold up nearly as well.

29th Aug 2005, 17:54

Nowhere did the owner mention it being a sportscar, err, except the main title that is. Doh.

11th Apr 2007, 00:19

I have a 1991 Sedan De Ville and it Rocks! I just got it painted Jet Black And it looks great. The black really makes the Chrome stand out. The only engine modification I have done is installed an Edelbrock circular air cleaner because I'm 17 years old and I wanted something that sounded great (and by the way, it worked). But, all that being said, I race my friend who has a 5.0 V8 1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS (25th anniversary) and I always win. If a Camaro is a sports car, and I beat him every time, I think my Caddy (the "Black Maria") deserves the title "Sports Car." Cadillac forever!

1991 Cadillac DeVille 4.9L V8 from North America


A luxury car at a price a young father can't beat


This has been a great car. I had a blower problem recently, however other than breaks, tires, oil changes, and gas I have put nothing into this car. I have not even had a tune up. Michigan winters can be difficult, but the paint still shines like she were new. The interior is fantastic. The leather is durable and easy to clean (I have four children and sippy cups!) I average 22.9 MPG city and 28-29 Hwy. The tire size is 15 so they are cheap to replace.

General Comments:

This car is quick. Not many beat me off the line, and passing on the highway is fantastic. I upgraded to a CD changer and it fit under the passenger front seat. I can reach it while driving. For the price is the greatest car I have ever owned

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

22nd Jul 2005, 23:04

Do 1991 cadillac divilles have good gas mileage?