18th Jan 2005, 14:59

Speaking of American history, I want to know more about that 1775 coupe deville! Did George Washington ever ride in it??

What? It's a typo? He meant to say 1975?

Oh, well... forget it then...it's just an old car.

7th Sep 2006, 12:35

I had the good fortune of being steered to a lady who's husband had bought a 1975 Sedan DeVille when he retired. He drove it till he passed away. After that, his wife took it out occasionally, just for remembrance sake.

The car had 21,000 on it when I bought it, and had a few minor items to correct, such as small dents in the rear quarter panel and a need to fix and recharge the A/C. It still had the original tires and was always garaged.

I love the car and as many have said, the style of a 4 door with no center post makes it a real head turner when all the windows are down and I am cruising around town here in

Bob Nisbet

Redstone Arsenal

Huntsville, Alabama


19th Nov 2009, 12:01

I too am a lover of the all American classic big luxury ride. Cadillac. I have an 80 Coupe Deville for the last four years and have it in great mechanical order. However my love for the Cads has grown, and I just recently picked up a 75 Coupe with only 56,000 miles. The car had been sitting for awhile so I immediately had to change all the fluids. i.e. motor flush, tranny flush, coolant flush, rear end service, belts, fuel and air filters. Carb needs rebuilt, but she still runs great after it warms up.

What a dream to drive. White with red leather. Interior is in awesome shape and what a head turner. People see it and instantly remember back when someone they knew had one that they loved and wish they could go back buy. 19' 2.5" They don`t even make parking spaces for these aircraft carriers anymore. I drive the car to work and back every day. 60 miles round trip. She just keeps running better and stronger the more she loosens up. Nothing like the feeling you get easing down the road in one of these true American classics. I have been a sales manager at a Mercedes, Audi, and VW dealerships and still prefer my old Cad.

Shane Starrett

Monticello IN.

Semper Fi.