9th Dec 2003, 18:03

I have owned a 1990 Coupe DeVille for three years and it is now pushing 100K miles. Likes include a dual ashtray, lots of lights, 6X9 rear speakers, you're not sitting too close to passengers, and the trunk is big enough to hide a sub woofer box with two 12 inch speakers.

Dislikes include, but not limited to, a truck rolling back-words and denting my hood, cracked grill, scratched chrome and an enormous headache.

Overall the car has received many compliments and I am satisfied.

25th Feb 2004, 21:29

I had my 89 Cadillac given to me by my brother in 2002. Great looking car. The paint is starting to chip in 2004 and I have had a problem with the oil pressure light coming on at a standstill. I self diagnosed the computer and have 3 codes, refrigerant low, something to do with the poorly charged A.C. and throttle position sensor malfunctioning. I replaced both front struts recently due to hitting a curb. Along with the struts I replaced the lower ball joints, the brake calipers (due to a broken bleeder screw), brakes rotors. Now finally the transmission is stuck in first gear due to someone tampering with my car. 2000.00 bucks the transmission shop said to R&R the transmission Other than the clanging in the rear when I hit bumps and the cracked drivers side door panel shes a smooth ride. More like a pimp-illac than a cadillac. The only complaint that I have is that some auto shops figure that since I drive a Cadillac they figure that I have a lot of money to blow on it.

27th Sep 2004, 19:29

I just bought a 1990 Cadillac Deville, the car runs great, it has 77k original miles, and one owner. It still has the original owners manual, and the spare tire has never been used!! The only problem is that the passenger window doesn't work, and the other windows only roll down using the diver's controls. my only other problem is that the rear suspension is very weak!! if I put 3 people in the back the car looks like I have 2 people in the trunk. also, if the car is loaded and I hit a bump, is sounds like the suspension hits, or full contracts!! other than that it's an awesome ride!!

24th Nov 2004, 02:39

Cadillac's are the standard of the world silly. Who wants to pay for a Lexus when you can find a great one owner Cadillac for 1/10th the price. I have had 3 Deville's and now drive a 1990 Eldorado I found on Auto Trader for $1995.00 and it's a one owner, too! I have had a 1989 Coupe DeVille, 1991 Sedan DeVille, and a 1992 Sedan DeVille. All of them ending up with over 150,000 miles and running great when I purchased a different Cadillac. Now mind you, I'm not a die hard Cadillac owner, but the older I get, I'm 50 now, the better I like them. Although, I would take back all my 1960's Chevy's in a second. I only have one left. My Grandma's 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS in mist blue. Well, thanks for letting me bend your ear.

I too have had to replace a lot of suspension parts on my Eldo due to it having 119,000 miles on it when I got it, but I didn't mind since it is the rare bright red with a black Biarrtz top on it with beautiful black leather interior. Thanks again for your interest. Robin L.

17th Aug 2010, 20:41

I just bought a 1990 Sedan DeVille, from California.

It has 91,000 miles on it, and when I say this car is in unbelievably good condition, it would be grossly understated.

I was afraid to buy it, but I had it checked out by a good mechanic I know, and the car only needed new pads in the front. Everything else was like new!

It is the most beautiful car I ever bought, for only $4000 Canadian!

I was worried about the car's engine, but after 500 miles, the engine oil level has not dropped one bit, and it is very clean. I got 26 MPG with it the last time on the highway. I get 20 MPG all around.

I hope I can keep it like this for a while.

Love it!

20th Jan 2011, 22:08

I bought my 1990 Coupe Deville last year from my mechanic, he replaced the fuel line/cleaned the engine as it sat for 12 years. Cost me $3800 and had 32K miles. I'm up to 38K now, great ride, great car, idles a tad rough at stop lights, but other than that, great mileage: 23 hwy, 20 city. Replaced the tires and got brakepads, that's it. Sweet!