11th Jul 2005, 23:55

Bought a 98 in 2000 with 35,000 mile on it. Have travel all over country in it and it is great for long trips. Now have 135,000 mile on it and still rides well. Only fault I find with it is that it has oil consumption of about one qt every 600-700 miles. Gas mileage is good - 29-30 mpg on highway and about 23 mpg in town. Had been taking into dealer for first two years, but got fed up with his high service charges so switched to shop in town. Appears that the name plate "Cadillac" tends to double parts price. Have had to replace the AC compressor at 100,000 miles, but every GMC car I have owned was a compressor destroyer. This compressor was installed by Cadillac dealer for $900 and is covered by his good wrench warranty, so next one is free.

Looked at new 05's and after sticker shock decided that I'll hang on to this 98 for a few more years. One thing you should check on the 98 is the headlight lens attachment firmness; Cadillac is reported to have had adhesive problem between lens and headlight assembly, found out about this when left front lens fell off from dealer. A dab of super glue seems to have fixed this glitch.

2nd Nov 2005, 08:45

Bought used 98 De ville with 65,000. Have now run it to 100,000 with the only money being put into the car for regular maintenance. Changed out original battery, new plugs/wires, brakes and tires. The car is absolutely fantastic with no performance or reliability problems whatsoever with the exception of my drivers side heated seat which is now not working. But to contradict a previous post, the heated seats will work without sitting on them. I've had my passenger seat accidentally on for about 10 minutes, and it gets hot! The car does go through about a quart of oil per oil change (5,000 miles). Other than that its been an outstanding value for the price as long as you understand that in driving an old-man boat your turning radius is not good, and you can't park in every open spot. Also if you live in a winter climate and you don't change out to snow tires, I recommend getting some all weathers instead of the factory tires. The ride will be a little rougher, but even with that its still better than 95% of the other cars on the road.

29th Jan 2006, 09:57

Bought a 1998 Cadillac Deville d'elegance used. Beautiful car with lots of luxury! Just replaced the rack & pinion for $1,000 but the car still has a high whistle. The shop wants to charge me $90 to check the system through their expensive machine. Even with the problems that I am experiencing, I would purchase it again!

2nd Sep 2007, 20:15

I bought my 98 Caddy DeVille a year ago and have loved the car. But just last night my wife and I went to the movies and it left us stranded. The theft system warning came on about 2 moths ago but I ignored it. But I still love the car. Rides quite smooth, has one of the best factory sound systems, and gets incredible mpg for a v8.Abe.

3rd Mar 2009, 22:35

I think in all fairness, my initial enthusiasm writing this review was premature. Shortly thereafter, 135,000 km, the torque converter and transmission pump had an argument, both lost, transmission repair was $4500.

Self levelling suspension in rear died shortly thereafter, I was quoted $3500. to repair that.

Air conditioner lost its gas, I was quoted $2000 for that repair.

Finally, the alternator died, quoted $1500 for that. So now, it sits in my driveway. All this happened with less than 100,000 miles. The car was very well maintained, never abused. The necessary repairs far exceed the trade in value of the car, similar models are being sold for less than $5,000. I am quite frankly, very disappointed. My other American cars went twice this distance, with much less attention, and when they did break, they were much cheaper to fix. It was great while it lasted, it just did not last.

4th Mar 2009, 19:58

I think Cadillac cars are overrated. If a car constantly needs expensive repairs, I really don't consider that luxury. The truck is better, but is basically a upgraded Chevy truck.

I'm a GM guy, but Cadillac cars just don't hold up mechanically. I think the Buick line is more underrated, but better value. But the window problems with Buicks and Pontiacs for a couple of years may have messed that up some.

As far as the new line up of Cadillacs, they still have time to prove themselves, and they look nice.

15th Mar 2010, 19:02

Just bought 98 D'Elegance today with 47100 miles. It does not have a scratch on it. I hope I don't have any problems.

I have never had a Cadillac before.

30th Mar 2010, 23:45

How much did you pay for it?

14th Apr 2010, 18:00

Bought my 1998 Deville last year after surgery. It's the "Wings" under my legs. I love this car. I purchased it for $2,500...within a year I replaced almost everything for $8,000. There are over 200,000 miles on this car... and she runs like a "Dream." She's an old girl - with a perfect body and when the Northstar kicks in she hummmmmms and sings along... as she pass everyone on the right. I feel super safe in this large car. I'm a caddi girl for the rest of my life. I'm looking to keep this vehicle forever as an antique (2020), but within two years will look into purchasing a brand-new Caddi. That would be a hoot!

26th May 2010, 15:29

I bought my d'Elegance a few months ago with only 52,000 miles on it. I love the car, but the self-leveling system is a real problem. I've replace the compressor ($900) and had a hose reconnected ($152). It worked for about a month and is now out again.

It burns about a quart of oil every 5,000 miles, but I have no problems with smoke. A/C compressor is getting ready to go I think. At times it comes on blowing warm air, but if I turn it off and hit the on button again, it starts cooling.

It is a fantastic ride and I hope to keep it, because I really enjoy driving it. It is one of the few cars that fits a 6'4" person.

28th Sep 2010, 14:07

I bought a 1998 Cadillac De Ville Country Edition. It has a vinyl roof and is in show room condition.

I bought this car from a dealer in Toronto, On. It looks so elegant and runs like a dream. I feel so good in it. It had 150000km. and I paid $3,500.00 as is.

At the time of purchase, the "Check Engine" light was on. A local garage changed the fuel oxygen sensors for nothing. The new sensor did not work because the only trouble was a bad ground. The day light running light never worked. I was able to fix this myself at a cost of next to nothing. The heated seats are all working fine. Had to replace the water pump. It has now 165000km.

The only other thing I had to replace was the sending unit to tell the level of gas left in the gas tank.

Compared to other cars I had before, the repair costs are lower than expected. I will keep this car, it's not up for sale.

Fred B. livebytheword@gmail.com