1970 Cadillac Fleetwood LX, Hearse, Wagon 472. Big Block from North America


A battletank on wheels!


New things on the car:

Fuel pump


Fuse box



Rebuilt carburetor - ripped one off a 70's limo

New exhaust and muffler system

New back window

New light bulbs

New cords

No heat whatsoever.

When I throw on the "heat switch", cold air comes out

Thermometer is broken

Radio is bad

The previous owner didn't take care of the thing and beat the hell out of it.

General Comments:

Big, long and strong... as many would say. It's 21 feet long.

Yes it is a 70's hearse Miller Meteor, and I love it so, and I also love the looks of people when they see it rolling down the street.

People think, just because it's a hearse it must go veeeeeeeeeeeerrrry slow... veeeeeeeeeeery wrong... the speedometer reads 120 and I've raced Ford Rangers that couldn't keep up. What do you expect for a big block 472?

If you think about getting one, remember it's an old caddy, so if it breaks down it'll take a group of people just to push it up the street. Mine has many a time before. She's got a lot of room to sleep or carry stuff in (mainly bodies). She's also like a tank.. I've seen a Dodge Neon hit a old hearse going 90. That person was buried with the Neon they drove.

I love old caddies, and if you are thinking about getting a hearse, be leary cause it might really be a piece of crap, and it might really be a good deal.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2008

1970 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 brougham 472 from North America


My bumper sticker - "If you think I'm driving too slow, go back to California"


Parking brake pedal rusted - still hanging. can't find a functioning replacement.

PS squeal - fixed by changing to Valvoline Synpower, $2.50x2 on sale.

Exhaust manifold gasket on right side was blown (standard 472 problem). replaced it myself and had the manifold fixed in a machine shop due to extreme pitting, $50.

It fried my old medium-size battery in 2 starts. I bought the biggest longest-warranteed battery the store had (65 series) for 50$ and replaced rotten battery cables for 17$.

Automatic climate control did not work at first- fixed itself, but sparks when switched around.

Heater still not even warm - probly the heater core is clogged.

Steering pulls right slightly - currently trying creative tire pressurization.

Clonk from the rear suspension - all rubber is good?$?

Rear springs sag badly when air shox are deflated. I am planning to replace them with fleetwood-75 springs so I won't need air shox.

Typical land-yacht creaks, rattles, and squeaks. rusted roof under the vinyl top and right fender behind the wheel. I sealed the roof leaks with windshield glue, black Permatex sealant, and Permatex glass sealant.

Passenger power seat is shorted. on driver's the switch works intermittently.

Cruze and auto-leveling are long-dead.

Power windows need help going up on cold days. I spray the linkage with lube once in a while to alleviate this.

Fuel level sender does not work. I simply refill every 200-250 miles. I drove 250 miles in-town once and did not run out of fuel.

Fender skirt busted off. this is a standard cadillac event. can't find a replacement.

General Comments:

My car attracts onlookers wherever I go; because it looks like a giant metal coffin that's been dug up for forensic re-examination, hahahh. Even after thorough scrubbing and washing its cheapo green repaint coat is covered with dead mold on horizontal surfaces. That just comes with the territory. It actually looks cool that way, my friends dig it. I sprayed chipped spots with Permatex rust-killer right away.

It has a massive cradle-style hitch welded on. they were all the rage in the 70s. it drags on steep driveways with a trough, but protects the nice bumper. new 75 springs should help against such bottoming-out. ground clearance is a problem on this car due to long wheelbase. I keep to paved roads. at one point it had a brake controller and the wires are still there. it has a large trans cooler as well.

THM400 was rebuilt 26K miles ago. I was told the engine was rebuilt 75K ago, but there is no receipt in the folder of paperwork. the receipts detail all kinds of repairs since the 1980s. couches and headliner have been reupholstered and look great. I dig the cool-car smell. most of the important things work on this car. It has HEI conversion and bigger chrome open air filter.

Considering all the mechanical repairs I bought this car for pennies on the dollar - 375$. The guy already had a 500 in his Lemans, daily MPFI mustang, and a Gremlin project-on-hold (too narrow for 472), so my cadi went whole.

Under-hood layout seems inefficient. Things are crammed together randomly. It should look 1/2 empty considering the sheer volume of the compartment. exhaust manifolds are hard to R&R, exhaust pipe fries the starter, engine mounts are buried, steering gear box is hard to get at. It was designed for profitability.

I the last few years I'v owned a few turbocharged 4-bangers. Acceleration of this Cadi is nothing to brag about - it is a led sled. it sounds vicious and rips hard off the line through the first gear... that's it. My previous '85 saab turbo sedan would run circles around it. I also drag-raced my friend's late-model scion and no cigar. (he was lighting a cigarette as he drove away after ~35 mph :) (The only reason I sold my Saab is stiff spine-destroying ride, it was the best otherwise). Nevertheless this car is awesome to drive.

Steering on this car is loose compared to anything modern. So I learned to steer proactively.

I am a pilot and driving this car is a lot like flying - it requires constant minor corrections, smooth control inputs, and planning ahead.

Rough driving would not only break your wallet at the pump, but also the guard rail and the trees down below.

I drove through a weigh station and measured 5220 lbs. And 11.4 MPG highway at 45-53 mph. Around town it gets 10. Terrible fuel economy is not a problem for me because it is parked most of the time. I ride a bicycle to work. I fill up every ~3 weeks for 60$. The novelty is unaffected yet :)

This is not a good car to hurry anywhere. This is a great car to realize that you only live once so why not take a nice day off and go gliding down endless 2-lane blacktops, enjoying fresh (or ACd) forest air. work can wait :) peel-out ad lib.

This car is the best for long road trips. A cup holder is not necessary because it is drivable with 1 hand. Basically I just sit on the couch and enjoy the 3D movie on glass screens with soundtrack of my choice - it has a tape player, with 2 speakers!

The trunk is rather flat compared to anything modern. I bring flat cash :)

A magic carpet ride may be only a fantasy, but a magic cadillac road trip is certainly still possible!

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Review Date: 11th October, 2006

23rd Oct 2006, 00:20

Regarding the described road trip:

11.4 mpg was mostly uphill into the mountains. going back down the other side (same distance around) it made 19 mpg. of course these figures don't average-out. I would guesstimate highway mpg around 13 while light-footing. I found and old receipt under a seat from a road trip to the coast (over hills) with 12.3 mpg calculation.

6th Dec 2006, 22:18

A '69/'70 Cadillac (in tune) runs mid-16 second 1/4 miles; should be more than enough to handle an '80s Saab. Are you sure you had the Cadillac at full throttle? ;-)

1970 Cadillac Fleetwood from North America


Replaced freeze plugs that's it!

Fantastic running car.

Fleetwood Black Limosine Model takes lot of drivway space!

General Comments:

Most unusual car I ever bought! Beautiful body style on this older model. Purchased on a whim from a funeral home in Delaware that closed due to retirement for only $900!!! in 1988. Ran great always........ body, interior mint as well... very good acceleration and always had been garaged. It used lots of fuel with its huge V8 but who cares! When searching its history I found it was once a government car as its protect o plate indicated was registered in Washington DC and papers with the Attorney General... perhaps the President (Nixon) was in it? I liked the divider window between the seats, rear stereo, jump seats, very small back window and the rear fender ports for air were distinctive. The windows were the darkest limo black which were only legal on a limo model. It had stickers so that it would pass inspection. Best times were taking the car to take skiing with the skis in the back with friends or with kids putting up the divider window! And you can double park everywhere. Not a great car if you are the driver as it has stiff upright seat, but great when you can be a passenger! I sold it for much more than I paid for it but wish I hadn't!

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Review Date: 5th September, 2004

11th Mar 2005, 14:43

Your former '70 limo sounds nice. I own a '76 limo so I can relate to your comments.

It would be nice if I could find a '69 limo to go with my '69 Fleetwood Brougham!

Anyway, they are unusual cars and fun to own. I especially like the divider window, rear climate control and rear radio controls. And the overall huge rear compartment.