1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 5.0 from North America


Very smooth, comfy and a great looker


I had to replace all the brake lines including the proportioning valve because the car sat in a garage for 9 months. The engine had a terrible miss and would spit every once in a while. Could never tell if it would stall at a traffic light. Turned out to be a vacuum line. Runs excellent now.

General Comments:

A lot of reviews I've read on this vehicle talked about the poor performance of the 307 Olds engine, but I've found that replacing the vacuum lines and setting the timing gives the engine all the power she needs.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2008

11th Jan 2009, 14:32

The 307 is pretty slow compared to the Chevy engines used in later years and the Cadillac engines used in the 70's models. The 307 had about the same accelleration as a 4100 powered car. My 87 Brougham had 0-60 times of 15-16 seconds. Not to mention how slow it was off the line. My 91 Brougham with the 305 Chevy took only 10-11 seconds to go from 0-60,was much faster off the line, and had better fuel economy. I like the 307 for it's smoothness and durability, but I much rather have the 305 or 350 Chevy.

1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham V8 307 hp from North America


Old-school class


Replaced bad alternator at 240,000 miles.

Replaced bad battery cables at 244,000 miles.

The cloth on my ceiling is starting to fall off.

Some rusting near the rear wheel wells.

Antenna won't come up all the way.

The engine was replaced at 100,000 miles, for reasons I don't know.

General Comments:

It is the best in uniqueness; no one else that I know has the same type of car that I do. It always stands out in the school parking lot.I have only seen 1 car that looks just like mine out of the millions I have seen on the streets. That's pretty awesome.

Although the gas mileage isn't the best in the world (10 mpg) and the acceleration is pitiful, the class and cruising speeds make up for it.

It has the best ride you can ever have and it's seat controls let you sit low and back, just the way you should in a Caddy.

I have the original paint (light blue) on it and it still looks good, but I might need a new paint job in 2 years or so.

And if you want to feel secure in your car, but don't want an SUV, just get this tanker. I sure do feel secure.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2004