14th May 2009, 05:49

I have inherited my dads triple silver Fleetwood Brougham (with sunroof) as no one else in the family wanted it! I have to say that with 49,000 miles the car rides like it did when it was new. I have driven it to our place in Massachusetts numerous weekends since February, and get a solid 21.5 mpg! Stereo is great, A/C great, and nice comfortable seats! Powerful, quick, and quiet. If Cadillac, in my humble opinion, had kept these cars that the 'older' folks worked their whole lives to attain, I don't think they would be in such a bind as they now are.

7th Jul 2009, 11:14

I am the OP, or owner of the vehicle reviewed here, and I am now selling the car at 87,000 miles. Best vehicle I have owned to date, at just about 20,000 miles of use. Never once had I experienced a catastrophic mechanical failure. All problems had been minor.

First was a dirty EGR valve that would cause the car to stutter at idle. First felt the problem in December and car only threw a check engine light for a instant sometime in April. Valve has since been cleaned and car now runs flawlessly. I blame it on using 87 octane for the cars entire life.

Second problem, was one of the two thermostats that are in the cooling system (I was told this car has 2 by my mechanic), failed and caused a slight overheating problem that led to the coolant reservoir overflowing. I let the car cool off and drove 30 miles to my mechanic. Car was fixed and runs mint once again.

BTW I am still getting the same gas mileage.

In terms of winter use, this car performs impressively. It was driven in the snow a few times and never once got stuck. With four snow tires and the factory traction control, the car can creep-up any incline. It also stops well thanks to ABS and large weight.

I drove the car from Rhode Island to Panama Florida. Approx. 1600 miles one way, fully loaded with three passengers, plus 1 driver, and luggage for each. Car made it there and back without 1 problem.

I love cars and am capable of most mechanic problems. I have owned all American vehicles. This car defines the American automobile industry. Cadillac was the best in the world in 1995, and you can truly sense that here.

"Built in Texas by Texans" is the motto present on the sticker within the driver door jamb.

Makes me proud, especially when I get in the car every day.

30th May 2010, 00:20

Wonderfully written review.

I, too, love my '95 Brougham.

The car is a delight-big, fast, quiet, reliable, and incredibly comfortable.

I hope we'll see the return of real full-size sedans to the product line-ups of GM, Ford, and Chrysler. They're uniquely American, and there's nothing better for gobbling up hundreds and hundreds of Interstate miles.

Yes, the Fleetwood is a bit bulky in town and when parking, but you get used to it. That's a minor inconvenience compared to the wonderful view out over the hood. (Yes, the Fleetwood has a real hood that you can see, not some tiny egg-shaped thing that disappears below the windshield.)

I buy cars for my own pleasure, not to compete with other people, but I do admit that it's fun to pull up to a stoplight next to a "politically correct" modern little car, or to one of the expensive import sedans. The drivers have to turn their heads back to see me, since the Fleetwood's front seat is where their cars' backseats or trunks are.

Drive or ride in one and you'll feel how good it is to be an American :)

22nd Jun 2010, 15:16

"Drive or ride in one and you'll feel how good it is to be an American :) "


21st Jan 2011, 17:19

The Fleetwood Brougham is hands down the last road car Cadillac ever built... period... I own 2, a 95 & a 96. The 96 has a herter reprogram/PCM, x-pipes, full Borla exhaust, C.A.I., TB-bypass, 160 thermostat, and wow down the interstate it's nothing but perfect... Also have a 96 Roadmaster that is even nicer than the Caddys; I mean towing package, heavy duty everything, however it's not the Caddy, and as far as looks... well the Fleetwoods win that test easy, they are the best GM FRAME ON V8 car ever built... please everyone, let's keep them running...

2nd Nov 2012, 20:16

I've got a '95 with 405000km's on it. Not a scratch or trace of rust, except starting on the rear bumper, but in Canada that is to be expected.

Small problems now with some sensors, but never any serious issues with the trans or engine. Still not using any oil between changes.

Best car ever.

27th Apr 2013, 19:30

"Drive or ride in one and you'll feel how good it is to be an American :)"

Ditto that!