1994 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6 from North America


This car is not what it suppose to be


Had problems with overheating 3 months after I purchased the car.

Replaced heater pipes radiator hoses resvoir heating coil still it would lose coolant and overheat started to run sluggish.

Computer in the dash went out a few months after that My mechanic said it would cost $2000 so now I'm in the process of trying to sell the car.

General Comments:

These cars are very beautiful and powerful, but are not worth the headache.

Best to buy them close to brand new stay away from used models or you will lose a lot of money.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2006

13th Aug 2006, 23:09

It has 170,XXX + miles on it, what did you expect???

31st Dec 2006, 14:20

If there is no problem with the head gaskets - then I would check the radiator. Sometimes the radiator will collapse and give you all kinds of problems. I would suspect the radiator is the issue.

As far as the dashboard - go to www.car-part.com and you can find a used one for a fraction of the cost. I found a $500 part for only $125 and installed it myself. The dealer quoted the part and labor of nearly $800.

Good Luck.

1994 Cadillac Seville SLS 4.6L 32V Northstar V8 from North America


Superlative Motor Car


In the two years I owned my Seville Luxury Sedan, only one repair was ever necessary. At about 130,000 miles the car began to make a horrible squealing noise when it was turned on. This turned out to be a bearing problem with the A/C compressor; I replaced the whole unit at the dealership for about $900.

General Comments:

This is an exceptional breed of motor car. In all my years of ownership I never had a problem in which I was left stranded. 100% reliability and function. All the power options (including heated seats) and sound system components continued to work until it was declared a total loss in 2004. For a decade of combined automotive peace of mind, it was definitely worth the investment ($5000).

The power train, comfort, design, and functionality are truly superlative, not to mention that absolutely nothing can pass it on the highway. Buyer beware however the car does use gas at a roughly 15-16 mpg rate (city and highway combined). All in all though, it is the true definition of Cadillac and performs like one.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2004

1994 Cadillac Seville STS Northstar 32valve V8 from North America


Very confident feeling car


Starter failed 3 weeks after purchase, $300.00cdn and my labour (it's in the "V" under the intake manifold) (all day job).

Water pump failed shortly thereafter, (bearing seized, drive belt melted plastic pulleys) I broke the camshaft while removing the old pulley, dealer supplied set of heads from a '98 for $100!

Tail lights on trunk failed due to flexing wire harness on trunk hinge (re-sliced with more flexible wire).

Starting to get "Check ride control" message when car under body gets very wet (suspect connectors).

General Comments:

Very fast car, handles well for its weight.

Very limited personal storage space in drivers/passengers compartment.

Tough on gas (heavy car, V8, Duh?) small tank (60 litres).

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2004

1994 Cadillac Seville sts 4.9 liter northstar from North America


So far so good


Previous owner cracked the block. Replaced motor at 75000 miles.

Replaced entire exhaust system at 75000.

New tire, wheels and stereo at 75000.

New battery, water pump, belts, a/c flush, a/t serviced all at 75000.

General Comments:

Was given the car due to dealer estimate to replace the motor. Currently will have spent appox. 7500.00 on list of repairs. The condition of the exterior and interior is excellent and everything works.

Handling and acceleration is explosive for this size of automobile.

Will never understand why automobiles cannot be designed to be cheaper to repair.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2004

1994 Cadillac Seville STS 4.6L Northstar from North America


A high maintenance, high performance car


At 90814 miles needed $2300 worth of repairs. New headlamps, turn signal lights, radio, generator, EGR valve, etc.

At 110000, needs a new transmission. It's sitting in the garage right now.

Love to drive this car. Kids hate riding in it because back seats sit so low.

Interior still looks brand new.

General Comments:

This car has tons of power and handles like a dream in good and bad weather.

Very expensive to repair.

Dealer quoted me $880 for a new windshield.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2004

31st Dec 2006, 14:16

As far as the transmission goes - I would check with someone else. I had a De Ville the dealer told me I needed a new transmission and it turned out to be a fuse. Many of the Cadillacs have electronic transmission and sometimes (who knows why) a fuse will blow that controls the shift solenoids. When this happens the transmission goes into a "safe mode) and only works in third and fourth. I had this happen to me and when I finally did the research and replaced the fuse - the car was back to normal. The early 90's Cadillacs - all of them are especially suspect - a shift solenoid is about $300 to replace if needed. I would have this checked out by someone else before believing in the dealer.

As far as the windshield - if it is not the heated type - I had mine replaced by a local auto glass company for only $220.

Good luck.