1981 Checker A11E Limo 305 from North America


I will drive it until I am dead


The usual Checker rust areas needed repair when I got it - had it painted in 1998 (it was Mary Kay pink and primer - now dark blue) and a few bubbles showing 11 years later - minor frame rust to be repaired next week. Car was originally from Oklahoma and is not driven much during our Canadian winters (but it ALWAYS starts).

NORMAL maintenance done - can do most work myself - currently needs valve cover gaskets but does not burn oil.

Replaced two starters, one alternator, front disc rotors, rear brake shoes, ball joints.

Original 267 - Chevy V8 was replaced by a 305 by a previous owner - MUCH more power for this 9 passenger beast than that anemic 267.

Many parts are GM 1500 series truck but some are unique to checker and need MUCH searching on eBay or fellow owners.

General Comments:

The interior has been redone - with the jump seats folded, there is some serious stretch room in the rear - once put 2 mopeds and a drum set back there.

Performance is decent considering the 2.72 axle - cornering is not up to par with my Caprice SS (love those big cars) but I do not push it - need to beef up the front end - sway bars?

Great ride on the highway - the long wheelbase (129") soaks up the bumps - although lots of wind noise from the vent windows.

It has the aerodynamics of a big box store so high speed runs are not its forte - decent gas mileage if not pushed (22 mpg?)

Although the car is not concours quality, it turns heads.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2009

14th May 2009, 12:43

I don't understand why the 267 had to come with the Checker limo, you were definitely wise to replace the 267 with the 305.

15th May 2009, 10:13

Thanks, the 305 provides adequate power but the beast may have a 350 in its near future. Decent 350s are plentiful and are an easy install. (will sacrifice some gas mileage though).

17th May 2009, 09:12

The Caprice is an LS (an poor SS wannabe)!

Mea culpa!