2010 Chery A620 2.0 from Egypt


Great car, but horrible service for the car


My sun roof leaks water into the car every time the car gets washed.

My rear brakes are constantly making a noise, and when I went to the service center, they that is normal because it is a Chinese car and the brakes are cheap and made of aluminum.

Water goes inside of my door when any water gets on the windows. Also the car is not properly sealed; air sneaks in the car when ever I am moving.

The sun roof also lets in a lot of air, and makes a whistling noise whenever you drive over one hundred km per hr.

This car should not have been released from the factory without a proper check and safety measures taken care of.

The service center is horrible and incompetent; last time I went, I stayed 7 hours for them to try and fix my sun roof and my brakes, and I left and nothing was fixed. Worst customer service ever.

General Comments:

The inside of the car is nice, very comfortable and roomy.

The DVD player and the 2 LCD screens in the back are a major plus, and the sound system is not bad.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 4th August, 2010