2010 Chery QQ3 from South Africa


Good car, bad manufacturing problems


As the owner of a brand new car, I didn't expect to have these problems.

First the outlet system of this car had to be replaced twice, which was done once under warranty. Then the alternator, which is busy failing again.

There after the headlights (parks) just died.

But the worst of all, after about one and a half years my dashboard started to crumble. I was trying to get Chery S.A. involved, but with no luck. In 2015 I got hold of someone in the consumer centre. The lady responded by saying "if your warranty is finished your car can fall apart, it has nothing to do with us". Wow, how dare you!

The car looks good, but when you look at the dash with big holes in it, you won't say it was brand new with one owner.

General Comments:

This is a reliable car. If Chery can sort these problems and acknowledge the manufacturer's defaults, I will buy another car from them. But for now I won't refer anyone to buy their products.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2016

2011 Chery QQ3 1.1 from Jordan


The best in its class


Nothing important. All fixed at the dealer.

Fog light fogging.

Door handle.

Steering wheel changed color.

General Comments:

Great deal.

Low spare parts cost.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2014

2007 Chery QQ3 TX 1.1 petrol from South Africa


Pretty to look at, but don't lift the hood


I do a lot of driving, and when I first bought my George (my car's name is George), I figured I was the smartest person alive!! I managed to get 650k's off a 40L tank, and still had room in reserve to get to the gas station. But then things went awry.

My alternator and water pump both had to be replaced at 50 000. I live in the Western Cape, where parts are not easily come by, so I had to wait 2 weeks, just to be told that the parts would take another 2 weeks to be properly installed.

There is no air con in the car, despite it having been sold to me with one. You can imagine my surprise when I got to the garage and asked them to check my air con because it was not working, only to have them tell me that there isn't one...

When it rains - and it definitely rains in the Western Cape, my car stalls, as water gets into the engine. If it rains too hard, water gets into the engine. I've had this checked out by a few people, thinking it may be rust somewhere, but I was told it must be a "kink in the manufacture" of the car.

The airbags don't work.

The radio plays when it wants - regardless of whether it was put on.

And now, it seems the gasket of the car has blown, and the cooling system needs to be replaced.

All this from a car bought at a reputable dealership.

General Comments:

I love my George. We've done many kilometers together, but now it's just getting too expensive.

He handles nicely around corners, takes the uphills like a monster, and hums when he isn't sick.

Now if only he didn't get sick all that often...

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Review Date: 9th May, 2013