1985 Chevrolet Astro 4.3L w/ carborator from North America


It was a good mini van


Replaced water pump and thermostat, 150,000 miles, about $80, my labor.

Replaced alternator, 175,000 miles, about $50, my labor.

Replaced transmission, 210,000 miles, $400, my labor. (I removed it, had it rebuilt, I replaced it.)

Back door sticks. Refused to open at the time I sold it.

General Comments:

Was still running OK when I sold it, although the power was deminished. This is expected, first, because it had a carburetor, and second, couple that with the high miles (= carbon build up).

FYI - I also wrote a review on a 1995 Safari Van (called "Very reliable, long suffering vehicle"). I gave the van a good review. However, I paid $14,500 for it in 1995. If you take that amount of money per the miles I traveled in it, it was still a more expensive vehicle to drive than this one, which I paid $3000 for, (adding in a major repair of $400).

Safari: $14,500 / 181,000 miles = $0.08 (8 cents per mile)

Astro: $3,400 / 124,000 miles = $0.03 (3 cents per mile)

The above is withstanding minor repairs, regular maintenance, regular ware/replacements, such as tires, etc.

Words to the wise when purchasing, are: 1.) never buy new.. very high depreciation, 2.) purchase with trying to estimate the miles you might get out of the vehicle, 3.) do number 2 above with much research.. like using web sites like this, (thanks, whoever you are) 4.) do regular maintenance on the vehicle. 5.) if you can handle it, do your own repairs.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2005

1985 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van 4.3L. V6 from North America


The Astro is the Volvo of the Van World--Tough!


Starter replaced at 96,000 miles.

Fuel pump and Overhaul of 4Bl. Carborator at 126,000.

All door latches have had to be replaced except rear door... terrible body hardware as a whole.

U-Joints need replacing.

Multifunction (headlights, turn signals, wipers replaced at 130,000.

General Comments:

Tough, tough truck... but rides like one too!

No problems with engine or transmission.

Used heavily for camping and hauling odds and ends... great workhorse.

My Cargo Van has the removable 2nd seat, great option, and side windows which greatly improves the vision.

Handles very well for its age with good tires.

Cruises easily at my 65mph max.

Expect the next owner to drive another 50,000 miles with no major problems.

Only 2 complaints... very limited foot room for driver and passenger; and engine access is very difficult for even the simplest things.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2003