1992 Chevrolet Astro LX 3.8 litre gasoline from North America


This van has been the most reliable and durable vehicle I have ever owned


The fuel pump has been replaced twice.

The ignition module has been replaced three times.

The anti lock braking system broke down after 350 000 km.

The door locks seize up and one needed to be replaced.

The rocker panel on the driver's side rusted out after 425 000 km.

General Comments:

After 450 000 km, this vehicle has the original motor, transmission and cooling system.

Even though it is built on a truck chassis, it still drives and handles exceptionally well.

The engine burns very little oil and gets reasonable mileage for the year and engine size.

This has been an excellent family vehicle, which has made several 4000 + km round trips to Florida and the Maritime provinces.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2005

1992 Chevrolet Astro EXT 4.3 V6 from North America


I will be an Astro owner for the rest of my life


Since I bought the van, nothing has gone wrong. However, there were a few pre-existing problems. A motor mount, the ac/heater fan, and the EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve had to be replaced. Not to shabby for 178k miles.

General Comments:

The Astro is very fun to drive. The steering is light to the touch, yet precise. The turning radius is relatively tight. The van accelerates quickly through the low range. The Anti-lock Brakes deliver a smooth stop, and have literally saved my life a few times in which conventional brakes wouldn't have. My Astro only has rear wheel drive, but still does well in ice and snow. The fuel efficiency is not too bad: In the last year, I have averaged 17 mpg despite the fact most of my driving is in town. The Astro is also the most reliable vehicle my family has ever had. It always starts easily regardless of the weather, and has never stranded us anywhere.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2005

1992 Chevrolet Astro 4.3L from North America


Awesome van, a very high mileage vehicle


Alternator was changed twice.

Water pump was changed once.

Ignition problems, sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. Usually doesn't start when its raining. Been to 3 different mechanics, still can't find whats wrong.

Windows either didn't crank up, or were extremely hard to crank up.

Transmission went out, when in drive it goes to 1st and 2nd gear, and then just doesn't do anything.

General Comments:

Seats aren't comfortable.

The ride is suprisingly smooth for a truck.

Transmission failed because the driver was extremely hard on it (burn outs and horsing the engine from neutral to drive).

This truck has been great. It still runs, other than the transmission problem.

The 4.3L 6 cylinder is by far one of Chevrolet's best engines ever. With 276,000, it still runs like a champ.

No major engine problems has ever occurred.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

11th Mar 2006, 17:46

I was well have a 1991 astro with 276 thousand clicks. Mine still runs good as well.

1992 Chevrolet Astro cx 4.3L 6 cylinder from North America


If you need a family van that can tow and take a lot of punishment get an Astro


02 sensor replaced twice.

Head gasket was leaking coolant at 150000 km.

Poor quality exterior door handles. All were replaced and the back doors twice.

General Comments:

It is a truck so the ride is rough, especially when only one or two people are in the van.

Passenger bench seats are very uncomfortable.

Front Captain Chairs are great for long hauls, and the view of the road is fabulous.

Great tow vehicle. A real workhorse.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2002