2001 Chevrolet Astro Reviews

2001 Chevrolet Astro Explorer Conversion Van 4.3 Vortec from North America

Model year2001
Year of manufacture2001
First year of ownership2003
Most recent year of ownership2005
Engine and transmission 4.3 Vortec Automatic
Performance marks 3 / 10
Reliability marks 3 / 10
Comfort marks 4 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 5 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
3.8 / 10
Distance when acquired42000 miles
Most recent distance59000 miles
Previous carNissan Quest


Questionable Chevrolet reliability


Passenger power window motor replaced at @ 51,000 miles.

"Dancing" fuel gage while van idled in park (needle moved from empty to full.)

Van tended to accelerate on its own when defroster, vent or AC was on.

Van approached 40 mph before I stepped on the brake (I did this to see if the acceleration would stop on its own...

It didn't.) Very unsafe.. has anyone else experienced this problem?

Although this van had all the comforts of your living room (four leather captain's chairs, rear seat which folded into a bed, TV & VCP, and wood cabinets and mini-icebox) this made the van very heavy, which means gas mileage was @ 13-15 mpg. These days, with gas prices as high as they are, it became too expensive to drive daily.

On the plus side, it'll haul just about anything you can fit into it.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2005

2001 Chevrolet Astro LS 4.3L V6 from North America

Year of manufacture2001
First year of ownership2001
Most recent year of ownership2002
Engine and transmission 4.3L V6 Automatic
Performance marks 9 / 10
Reliability marks 9 / 10
Comfort marks 10 / 10
Dealer Service marks 10 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 7 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
9.0 / 10
Distance when acquired29 miles
Most recent distance20100 miles
Previous carChevrolet Caravan


A great family vehicle at a great price


The Astro has performed flawlessly for the first 20,000 miles.

General Comments:

We looked at a lot of Mini-Vans before deciding on the Astro. What sold us was the fact that it's built on a truck frame making the interior extremely spacious. Between car-pooling our kids and their friends to and from school and sports, our Astro gets quite a workout around town, which unfortunately doesn't yield the best gas mileage, but it's what you'd expect for a vehicle this size.

Where the Astro really excels is on the freeway. We recently drove it from San Diego to Albany, Oregon on a 12 day trip. Fully loaded, with luggage and our two kids, the Astro was a real pleasure on the road. The 4.3L V6 handled even the steepest grades with realtive ease, all the while delivering an exceptionally smooth, comfortable ride. The gas mileage on the open road was also a pleasant surprise, sometimes exceeding 23 MPG.

Another area where the Astro gets an A+ is in the amount of cargo space. Weather it be camping, vacation travel, or just handling my wife's business items, we have never been pressed for space, nor did we find ourselves "jamming and cramming" to get the doors shut. We chose the two vertical door model for ease of loading & unloading. I'd highly recommend this model if you find yourself in and out of the cargo area a lot.

There aren't a lot of options available with the Astro. The ones on the lot come with pretty much everything you'd ever need. I highly recommend getting the rear air-conditioning as an option. In the Astro, the side windows in the very back do not open like some vans, so it can tend to get a bit stuffy back there. The rear air conditioner really keeps the back of the cabin ventilated.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2002

12th Jun 2003, 17:29

I would just like to put out a message to all Astro/Safari owners or people looking at it. In the insurance Institute for Highway Safety's forty mph offset crash test, in which they crash the vehicle at 40mph at a wall with a foam block to the side, the frame buckled and the dummy was squished into the steering wheel, which would most likely result in serious injury or death.

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