2003 Chevrolet Astro LS from North America


Great looking van


I bought this minivan in 2003. It has 467000 klms on it.

No rust, clean, fully loaded + floorboards. For $500 bucks, 2 tone silver.

The dealer did not know why it stopped running. I checked it out, it's the fuel pump.

A family member had super luck with his 2004 Astro. Will find out who's is better.

p.s. everything works on this van.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2011

24th Apr 2011, 18:21

Nope, was not the fuel pump. I took a lot of advice from this site and turns out it's one or more injectors leaking gas in the oil and flooding, also (maf) mass air flow sensor is bad. Also suspect catalina converter on exhaust is plugged up, after all 467,000 kms is a lot of mileage.

I won't give up. These 2003 models look nice with 6 lug wheels on them and rear disc brakes are much better in stopping this beast.

2003 Chevrolet Astro 4.3L gasoline from North America


Unfortunately not what I expected from Chevrolet


Transmission went at 36K miles. Dealer warranty expired at 35K miles.

Engine went at 116K miles.

The brake system had a catastrophic failure, having to deal with the hydroboost unit and the entire system had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I bought this car in mid 2006, and it had been sitting on the showroom floor since late 2002. The transmission went out days after the warranty expired, and the engine went out last year with barely 100K miles.

I bought a Chevrolet because they are American and are supposed to be good for several hundred thousand miles, I guess not. The entire time I owned this van, it burned oil like an old clunker, yet I was told that this was normal. I performed all services at required intervals, but the engine and transmission went out at very early stages in this vehicle's life.

The door handles broke very early on, and the power locks never really worked right.

The undercarriage was rusted out after the first winter season. I regularly wash all my vehicles, and this has rotted faster than anything I have ever seen before.

I will say this however; for a minivan with a V6, it has good power and acceleration, and the AWD works great.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2009

18th Dec 2009, 15:57

"Dealer warranty expired at 35K miles."

Wasn't the warranty 3 years 36K miles bumper to bumper in 2003?

23rd Apr 2013, 08:05

Something's not right, the 4.3 is a rock-solid engine, easily good to 200k, and the 4L60E is one of the best automatic transmissions ever made. Unfortunately, I think you got a lemon :(

23rd Apr 2013, 19:46

That dealer probably swapped that powertrain out with one from a worn out model. Car dealers do the shadiest things.