31st Jan 2001, 15:42

I own a 1990 GTZ with the Quad 4. Yes I have replaced the head gasket. I brought it knowing I would have to replace it sooner or later. That was 40,000 miles ago, With 131,000 miles now on the car it is still fun to drive. Yes they are expense to repair, but they are so much fun to drive.

10th Mar 2001, 16:37

Honestly, replacing brakes/clutch and having rust on a 9 year old, 130,000 mile car is pretty normal. Being the owner of another 1991 Beretta, I can attest to the head gasket failure of the Quad4 and to the electrical issues. But the repairs my Beretta has needed were few and far between. And also extremely cheap.

Aside from items you would expect to wear out over time (brakes, alternators, seats), I've had incredibly good experiences with my Beretta. It's currently got 162,000 miles and is still going strong.

30th May 2001, 19:56

Had a 1990 GTZ. Great car, but it was on it's last legs by the time it had 90k on the clock.

27th Jan 2005, 21:14

Hopefully you know that the 4cylinder quad is faster then the v6 anyway, so tell them it's a 6 lol.

1st Jun 2005, 15:24

I presently own a Bright Red GTZ and it's one fun car!!! and having such a rare car lots of people will ask you what you have... I know those car tend to have few more problem then most recent engines, but when you think about the the Quad4 made 180hp back in 1990...on a four cylinder. Sure it's getting costy to repair now, but it's like every car...when it get old and gets driven hard it's more fragile.

2nd Jul 2008, 14:25

Yeah I have a 91 Beretta GTZ and it's been a total nightmare from a few days after I bought it.. It looks nice, and races like a dream, but the steering is horrible!!! In fact, it got so bad that I ended up in a crash!!! Head gasket's having problems too, causing the engine to overheat... Wish I woulda known all this before I bought the thing!

15th Sep 2008, 20:03

I bought a 1992 Baretta GTZ with Quad4. Electrical problems are what I'm having. I have replaced the CV half-shaft, struts, alternator, and the battery terminals. I'd like to replace the entire electrical system. When I hit the brakes, the stereo turns off, and sometimes it dies when I hit them. I do love to drive this thing. It's so maneuverable that I actually get to work sooner in the heavy commuter traffic.

20th Mar 2010, 03:09

I have the 1991 SS Beretta, and I bought it with 80,000 miles and it runs great. The previous owner tried to lift the engine out after only unmounting part of the engine mounts, so he busted one and now the car shakes a bit... from so much power!!! =P.

But I have seen some other Beretta's at 350,000 with small problems as squeaking brakes and fast balding tire, because the owners are stupid with peal outs. This, in my opinion, is a tough, gas eating car.

31st Aug 2010, 07:26

I recently just bought a 1991 Beretta GTZ for a $1000.00.

It has 140,000 miles and the only thing wrong with it at this time is it needs a timing chain put on it. I got an estimate for it, a whopping $1200.00! The mechanic said the parts alone would run me $600.00, but a timing chain only runs around $40 so what's up with that?

Also my clock works when it wants to, I guess that's due to some electrical problems or whatever, but other than that I love this car and even if the engine blows, I'm going to keep it just for the fact they are so rare.

Anyway, any suggestions from anyone on their opinion about what it would cost to replace the timing chain?

2nd Nov 2012, 20:36

I own a 1991 Chevy Beretta quad four GTZ. I'd have to check the mileage. It has not been driven since I think 2004. It has been on blocks since I blew the engine for want of a $14 radiator hose, which I had ordered, but forgot to pick it up and have it installed before a 50 mile trip. Although I have done my best to keep it covered, it has been outside, so it probably needs even more than an engine and some paint work by now, but I do think the body is sound. Everything else worked the last time I drove it.

Can someone there give me an idea how much I should be asking for it? May sell if the price is right.