24th May 2001, 17:48

I totally agree also. I am the proud owner of a 1990 Beretta GT, 3.1L V6 5 speed. I added a K&N filter, oversized exhaust with a Turbomax muffler. Knock on wood, nothing major has ever broken down, besides usual wear.

I think this is a very underestimated car, the finish could be better, but the torque is crazy! Bring on the 5.0's. I now have 207,000km on it and I can still eat mostly anything on the road, besides those beautiful Corvettes (grrrrr!).

But it is a high maintenance car!...CHANGE THAT OIL BOYS!

19th Jul 2001, 13:00

I got a '91 GT for my birthday as my first car and it's sweet! It sucks they govern out at 110 mph cuz they'd probably do 130 without it. I'm going to add a K&N drop-in air filter and a Thrush Glasspack with 2.25" Mandrel Bent Piping. The only thing I don't like is that the passenger side dash is starting to let go on top. Oh well, this car is still awesome and will hang with almost any car out there!!!

25th Oct 2006, 21:32

OK, I'm a Beretta lover thru and thru, but no way in hell it's beating any 5.0. Get real.

7th Sep 2007, 21:05

I have actually seen a Beretta GTZ race and win against a WRX. These really are underestimated... very much so. Also beating a 5.0 mustang isn't hard to imagine at all especially if it's an 80's model.

14th Jan 2008, 10:47

Yeah, I have a 91 GT and the Mustangs ain't got nothing on them. These cars are faster than everyone thinks. I raced a mustang and I beat it badly. So don't even try and say the mustangs are really fast, cuz they're not, they're more for show than anything

17th Mar 2009, 10:50

I had a 1988 Beretta GT with the digital dash. I bought it from a neighboring state, (KS) where the people are rich and sell things dirt cheap.

I made no modifications to the car, never replaced anything.

One day I rolled up next to a 5.0 mustang hatchback, with dual straights on it.

He thought I looked slick so he started revving his gas guzzler. I smiled and whipped his sorry behind all the way west bound on 40 highway in Independence, missouri.

The Beretta CAN and DOES beat 5.0 mustangs. Heres why: they are lighter! Mustangs need to be on the biggest looser.

Second, mustangs are horsepower driven. The beretta is torque driven.

Third, I was off down the road and the mustang was still laying rubber at the light we started at.