3rd Jul 2014, 11:38

The Biscayne had appeal as a lighter weight, full size GM for basic transportation in the day. Since it was lighter than the Impala, it could be ordered with 409 or larger displacement engines for speed. The ones from the 60s pop up more often, and they are very cool equipped as such.

I have a friend that bought another plain Jane model; a Chevelle 300 2 door. Originally a 6 cylinder. Now with a 427 4 speed residing under the hood. A pure 1/4 mile car that is still street legal. No power options, no heater, radio delete, but all that power in a reduced weight car.

I have owned early 60s Impala SS models, with one being a convertible. Heavy full size cars, and more of a fast cruiser.

The Biscayne with no power steering would be some effort to drive. But being lighter with a big motor and 4 speed, it would be a formidable foe on the strip in its class with the 409 transplant.

I would still opt for an Impala for comfort driving. A great car with passengers. I saw a wagon with an LS engine transplant recently. Cool with the rear facing fold up bench 3rd road seating If you can find an older model with air and 2 door, they all make great cars to own.

29th Aug 2014, 00:58

My Dad bought a strip down 59 Biscayne 2 door sedan new. Six cylinder, three speed manual. No radio, no whitewalls, dog dish hubcaps. It was a two tone blue, though. A pretty car that I'd love to have now.

He traded it in 1964 for another strip Biscayne, same 2 door sedan, no whitewalls or radio, dog dish hubcaps. The 64 seemed to have more "luxurious" standard equipment, though. Had carpet, upholstery was more classy.

We had occasion to drive past the dealer a week or so after he bought the 64. His 59 was on the used lot with a sold sticker on it. Looking at the car, it was hardly recognizable. The dealer fixed the rust, installed new wide whitewalls and full hubcaps, carpet, and polished the vehicle.

It really looked great. When my Dad inquired about buying it back, a salesman told him a local doctor bought it to use as a driver, and had the dealer spruce it up.

Imagine a doctor today buying a 5 year old car, let alone a base Chevy.