1987 Chevrolet Blazer S10 2.8 V6 TBI from North America


The most versatile, fun, cheap, good looking, tough vehicle ever!


Emergency brake pedal broken.

Passenger side window falls off tracks.

Rear tailgate handle broken.

Exhaust manifolds leaking.

Turn signals don't work.

Starter doesn't engage sometimes.

Flywheel cover fell off, and the noise sounded like the engine had no oil pressure.

Air doesn't come out of vents, only floor and dash.

General Comments:

I love this truck! I have always owned lots of S10's in the past, but have come to the conclusion that I don't have enough use for the trucks bed. I got the 2 door S10 Blazer with 4WD and a 5 speed (rare), and it's the best vehicle I have owned!

The engine is strong and reliable, and the transmission shifts smoothly. The 4WD engages flawlessly, and it's hard to get this truck stuck in mud or snow! It's so fun to go off roading with it on the fire trails.

The interior is spacious, and it's a very simple and well thought out layout of the controls. The bucket seats are very comfortable, and the rear seat is huge! Plus it folds down flat, so I can put all kinds of crap back there. The truck still has the factory stereo, and it honestly sounds really good for an 87.

I have all kinds of cool upgrades planned like tinting out the windows, Flowmaster exhaust, stereo, speakers etc.

If you come across a S10 Blazer with a 5 speed, don't wait on buying it, because you will not be disappointed.

There are some things wrong with it as mentioned above, but these trucks are easy and cheap to fix, and the problems are usually very minor odds and ends.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2011

1987 Chevrolet Blazer Tahoe 2.8 V6 from North America


Inexpensive, easy to fix, fun SUV


Engine had been rebuilt when I bought it.

A/C system had previously been replaced.

The shocks had to be immediately replaced, 13-year old GM shocks don't ride to nice. The Napa replacements are marginally better and ran $30 apiece.

The torque converter in the transmission was shuttering (grinding and shaking) at highway speeds (anything over 50) and was generally sluggish. Finally, I had the tranny rebuilt and now it shifts crisply and firmly. The rebuild cost $1000.

Other items that have gone out and subsequently cost about $100 each to fix: smog pump, alternator, blown exhaust manifold, rusted-out exhaust system. The engine has a leaky rear main seal and head gasket, which cost $100 each to fix.

The parking break seized up and the rear drums were seized up as well. So I had the shoes replaced, as well as the front pads and discs.

Currently, the A/C is out (which a bad thing if you're leaving in the southern US in summer time). The cruise control and power locks have been out for several years, but I haven't bothered to fix them.

Additionally, the pain is completely oxidized (no rust, thankfully), the factory graphics cracked, and weatherstripping dried up.

General Comments:

I love this truck!

Despite the fact that I paid $3000 for the truck in 2000 and four years later, have sunk another $3000 into it for mechanical repairs on a truck with dead paint and dents, I can't bear to part with it. Thankfully, once you've fixed something; it's fixed for good.

The Blazer isn't exactly a performance machine, but with light engine mods, a sturdy transmission, stiff shocks, and grippy tires; it's a comfortable and fun truck to drive.

The seats and interior look showroom fresh after 17-years. The seats are comfortable, supportive, and give you a great view of the road. The controls are easy to figure out and within reach.

The 2-door S10 Blazers are an excellent size, as they're small enough to parallel park easily and big enough to haul lots of stuff.

One of the great things about the S10 series is that they're easy to work on. Pop open the hood and there are few unnecessary modern parts and every major mechanical part is easy to access. You can access anything you need to replace right in your driveway.

Unfortunately, crash test ratings on these trucks aren't great. The only reason that I'd give up this truck would be to get a safer vehicle with airbags.

If not for safety, I'd recommend these trucks to anyone looking for an inexpensive SUV that doesn't mind fixing things themselves.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2004

3rd Sep 2004, 07:22

Add a replacement starter to that list: $150 total cost, as well as a replacement catalytic converter (Catco brand) $50. I feel like I'm building a new truck one piece at a time:-)

9th Jun 2006, 23:54

The engine and transmission still work great and the truck still accelerates, turns, and brakes without any problem. It's still fun to drive, aside from its electronic problems.

Mileage is very good, averaging around 22 mpg with mixed town/back-road driving. It leaks oil if you use 5W30, but that stops when 10W30 is used.

The fuel pump went out in later 2004, approx 110K miles. Price to fix was approx $100 at the local mechanic shop. It seems like replacing any routine (if you're a GM owner) part failure is around $100-$125.

The electronics have been going haywire since a little over 100K. The windshield wipers randomly come on, often when I'm making a turn. Gauges and Dash Lights began to go crazy to, with the lights flickering on and off and gauge needles refusing to work (which means driving at night with no dash lights and a speedometer that doesn't work). I traced this back to a loose ground under the dash.

Plastic interior panels (the ones around the seats) have started to break and fall off.

The console lock and cover are starting to come apart.

The lack of working A/C is the worst part, however, and would cost $800 to fix.

I think it's finally time to part with my beloved Blazer, as it has too many ailments and is not worth the investment to fix it.