2005 Chevrolet Blazer Base 4.3 from North America


Built like a tank!!


The normal wear and tear stuff has been replaced. Still has the original exhaust minus the muffler that was just replaced.

The only thing not working properly is the floor heat selector.

General Comments:

I really enjoyed owning this vehicle. It is a tank in the snow and has never left me stranded.

The 4.3 engine is not great on gas, but it is a tank!!

I still own and use this vehicle.

The new 2019 does NOT have a full frame, therefore is not an option for purchase.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2019

2005 Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 V6 from North America


'My Baby' as long as the wheels stay on!


At 18,000 km, one of the tabs holding plastic panel on lower rear hatch door dislodged when I used that to close the hatch. Dealer replaced it when reported, without a problem.

General Comments:

Totally different experience than earlier negative Blazer commenter's. Has Chev. improved the product or was I just lucky?

This vehicle pulls well over its weight without a grunt. After a year of all sorts of driving, it is tight and all factory finishes, inside and out, are in good shape. Had electronic rust inhibitor installed as option; after 2 Canadian winters, still no surface oxidation and little underneath.

The powerful 4.3L engine combined with 5sp. standard has enough range that I can shift at 2000rpm or lower and drive comfortably slightly above speed limit & maintain economy that amazes me.

Several times did calculations right around 30mpg (Imperial). The dealership checked my numbers and suggested lighter 2dr. body might contribute as these motors aren't known for low fuel consumption, but feel its mostly due to ultra-conservative driving style.

'93 Cherokee (straight 6 + auto.) that preceded this Blazer, also had impressive torque and and off-road abilities, but that's when they both become 'heavy drinkers.'

The coupe is definitely not good to carry kids, though. For me, it serves as my 'panel truck;' I've built a tool tray that sits on the hinge-down rear door when needed & slides back under cover for travel or storage. Strongly recommend, as easier to access and lock up than most under-size half ton arrangements, yet just as roomy.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2007

2nd Feb 2012, 21:59

4 years later, still driving this vehicle, now with 128K.

All interior features are working fine, with no special treatment. Still giving better than average mileage for an SUV, when driven moderately.

Only difficulties have been the need to monitor & maintain the braking system closely: I drive lots of side roads and some off-road. Sand & gravel collects in wheel parts, along with salt-induced rust; in combination, these necessitate bi-yearly attention. More than other similar vehicles? Maybe.

26th Dec 2012, 23:34

150K now - still runs like a bear. Now that I'm not travelling the gravel roads as much, it needs a great deal less brake maintenance: just disassemble & lube semi-annually; otherwise pads, etc., as all other makes & models. Can't argue with other fella's experiences... might be they just need to spend more time maintaining? Anyway, happy motoring!