15th Nov 2003, 15:43

I have a 1997 Blazer with transmission failure at 49,050 miles, rear end failure at 54,000 and cooling system failure at 61,000 miles. I have had to replace all hoses, belts and have the systems flushed several times. I had the radiator rodded out two times, both being over 70 percent clogged up. I have had the radiator ends replaced because of the overheating problem, and now I am currently having the heater core replaced at 67,500. What else can this $30,000 vehicle cost me just to drive?

3rd Mar 2004, 16:35

I have owned a Chevy Blazer twice. After multiple repairs to the first I bought another (really smart, I know).My current Blazer is a 97 with AWD. I have had it for 2 years. Repairs have included: alternator, serpentine belt, brakes and rotors twice, front wheel bearings, radiator flush twice, wipers repaired once under a recall about 6 months ago, but now they are not working again, back door lock is broke and I have yet to figure out how to get it open to repair it, transmission rebuilt, transfer case rebuilt, and now needs a heater core. I have to keep repairing, but I owe too much to trade it off. I asked the mechanic what he thought of the Blazer over all and he said it's probably one of the best vehicles on the market. I think this comment is in reference to all the money he makes off me because I own one and he gets the work and my money!

11th Mar 2004, 10:25

My '96 S-10 has had similar problems mentioned by others. A new fuel pump at 40,000, computer at 65,000, and now I need a serpentine belt and heater core (I'm assuming...haven't taken it to the shop yet) at 75,000. Hopefully mine will avoid some of the costlier repairs.