9th Oct 2009, 16:56

Bought 1998 Chevy S-10 Blazer NEW.

Always maintained and serviced when needed, even extras sooner than later, like differential oil and transmission fluid.

Problems I have had since 98-2009 at 149,000 miles.

Transmission went at 38,000 miles, rebuilt.

WD encoder and motor 40,000.

Water pump 68,000.

Alternator 70,000.

Shocks 75,000.

Brakes 85,000.

Transmission started slipping again at 65,000, but not bad enough to cause major problems except it trips.

Check engine light constantly on.

Map sensor 140,000, probably because catalytic converter went out.

O2 sensors 100,000

Wiper sprayer to rear never worked right from day one.

Transmission shifts very hard into second when getting warm or A/C on during summer.

Wiper modulator bad at 60,000.

I will never buy another Chevy or for that matter an American car. The philosophy of the dealers is to make money on repairs and charge way to much for the parts to fix. Always will buy parts from Autozone or Schucks or even online at great savings for better items than OE.

Toyota and Honda and Acura are by far the best vehicles on the road, and will continue to be until we let companies like GM, Ford, etc... go bankrupt and emerge under foreign ownership. They have much more pride in the cars they build.

19th Dec 2009, 18:07

We have a 97 LT Blazer 4Wd and are very satisfied with the car. It had 95000 miles on it and now has 172000 miles on the odometer. Yes these years of GM's do seem to have their share of electrical problems. Keep the fluids changed in the motor and transmission, and if off roaded even more so. The more electrics you have, the more repairs you will have. So far we have replaced fuelpump/sending unit, and now have a problem with switch on front passenger window.

I'm tired of people slamming U.S. built cars, yes we have our problems, but so do theirs. Keep buying theirs and there will be no U.S. auto jobs left.

22nd Feb 2010, 08:34

I have a 97 blazer LT with 165000 miles. Been a great vehicle used as a daily driver.

Normal maintenance items. Biggest has been intake gasket, which is common with phenolics on GM's. Having heater fan problems now, but will fix because still get 19 mpg with original drivetrain.

Truck is 13 years old, so take the amount of purchase and divide it out over time, and I guess the actual cost, even if some repairs are required, doesn't make them a bad vehicle.

Great in snow and bad weather, and my route to work seems to exaggerate inclement weather.

All vehicles have problems, but take a look as you drive around, and I bet you see a Blazer on the road.

2nd Oct 2011, 14:36

Check the wiring harness in the steering column.

28th Jul 2014, 16:51

Transmission vent tube? Where is that at?