17th Aug 2006, 13:16

Update - Had to replace Air Conditioning Compressor and other A/C components to avoid damage to new compressor at 86,500 miles. $968.00 8/17/2006.

11th Dec 2006, 18:50

In general I really like my 2000 Blazer it handles good and gets pretty good gas mileage - but - we have replaced wheel bearing on both sides of the front within 1 year. The 1st on we bought for $350.00 and less than a year later it was up to $650.00 - this was just for the part not the labor - we have replaced the turn signal assembly - $150.00 for part not labor - at 75,000 miles the gas gauge went out - not gonna spend $650.00 to fix this. Oh I forgot the heater does not work. So for we have flushed it out 4 times - Ain't gonna spend money to fix this either. The next model I buy will be a Honda or Hundai - You just do not have problems with foreign cars like you do with American cars.

2nd Jul 2007, 03:32

Update. Now at 98,000 miles the passenger electric window will not go up or down. Thankfully it is stuck in the up position. Don't want to tempt fate by fixing this and disturbing the fragile electrics of the rest of this beast.

30th Mar 2009, 00:20

Update: Head Gasket blew at 101,500. $1,600 to replace it plus exhaust manifold gasket. Front seats no longer recline and are stuck in full upright position. Cheap plastic handle for front hood latch broken.

17th Aug 2009, 09:14

Update: Left front hub replaced at 104,000 miles. $650.00. Bought used front seats from a 2004 Blazer on Ebay so that I could get them out of full upright position since both handles broke. Replaced handle with aftermarket one that fixed original design flaw. $300.00.

Good News! This POS qualifies for Cash for Clunkers program!