1971 Chevrolet C10 350 c.i.d. 4 barrel carb from North America


Classic Chevy project truck


The front suspension is making some strange sounds, and I will soon have to replace some components. My mechanic friend says it is a dangerous situation.

When I bought the truck, it had already been worked over and jury-rigged in a somewhat irresponsible manner.

The horn on the aftermarket steering wheel didn't work, so I fixed it.

The stereo player didn't work, so I fixed that.

The spark plug wires had been resting against the exhaust manifold for some time, and some wires had partially melted. I replaced them with some custom-fit aftermarket wires and replaced the distributor cap.

The drive-shaft support bearing had completely disintegrated from age and use, and I had it replaced quickly and easily for $70 US.

The passenger side ram-horn exhaust manifold is steadily breaking down due to, I presume, high temperatures as well as old age. The outer surface where the pipes first come together sort of resembles a rotten orange. I have some headers to replace both manifolds.

On a long trip, the engine started falling apart. First, the oil pressure dropped quickly and gave me a surprise. I pulled over and noticed that the vacuum hose had come disconnected. I zip-tied it and started driving again. I noticed that there was some white smoke trailing the truck, so I checked it out. Oil was spilling out of the breather cap and from the valve cover gaskets. The oil would spill onto the exhaust manifolds, where it would burn up and create the white smoke. I replaced the valve covers on the highway. Ever since, I have not been able to make the engine run right. I presume that there is some damage to the piston rings or to the cylinders themselves, creating blow-by of combustion gases into the crankcase.

General Comments:

When I got the truck it drove well and was an absolute blast to drive. It's big and roomy, and has great visibility.

It has great power and durability, and handles off-highway driving as well.

I believe that this body style (1967-1972) is the best that Chevy ever made.

I hope to be able to spend the time and money to restore this truck, as it is a great style and would be the ultimate classic truck.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2004