29th Sep 2008, 08:55

I am trying to figure out whether this review is a joke or not. If it is, it is an insulting one.

Your review indicates that you bought an 18 year old vehicle with 230,000 miles. Were you expecting a brand new vehicle?

I have owned and run Chevy trucks for/with many more miles than you have, with no trouble, and do not in any way consider them to be junk. You do not know the history of your truck - whether it was well cared for or not.

It is not unreasonable that a starter would need to be replaced after that kind of mileage, nor ignition system components either, most of which are maintenance items anyway. Do you have any idea of the physics behind these components (e.g., an ignition module) and the kind of abuse they are subjected to during operation? If you did, you would be impressed they have lasted as long as they have. The GM HEI system that you have is a good system!!

Do not try to tell me that any of these components last longer in foreign vehicles either, because I have seen and owned foreign vehicles (both Japanese and German) where they are not any better, or have failed well before. I also have design experience in electromagnetics and solid-state physics, and know that not to be the case from that standpoint as well.

You complain about water leakage when you turn on your AC. Wouldn't you think your evaporator drain assembly has become dirty after 18 years of use. Why don't you take five minutes and try cleaning it out. Or are things not allowed to get dirty in your truck after 18 years?

Again, I am still wondering if this review is a joke.

13th Oct 2008, 11:53

Sadly it isn't a joke. And If I insulted anyone I am sorry. But out of all the cars I have owned, this Chevy has by far been one of the worst.

Use your common sense, ANY electrical component exposed to heat will face electrical resistance, Even damage, depending on the amount of heat and time. I am not the only one who faced this problem. Then again, not everyone faces it. If you have the time, look at your starter's location and heat shield, and tell me it isn't pathetic.

Granted it is a 18 year old car, and things do break. Unless you take care of them. This was not the case. Most of the major components had been replaced. Starter, Clutch, Suspension, MOTOR!!! You name it.


27th Oct 2008, 22:51

I have had 3. All got over 230000 miles on them before they needed a rebuild; not too bad in my book. I just got another one with 180000 to use on my land up north. It runs great.

23rd Oct 2012, 17:44

Why do some people have little or no problems with these vehicles, and others consistently have all kinds of ailments? It may be lack of maintenance or care.