15th Mar 2007, 19:02

You should read the review again. I mentioned that the sheet metal wasn't very good on this generation of truck. Of course mine had some helping factors. It was never washed before I got it. It was used to haul tobacco that was freshly cut, which caused tobacco acid to get all over the metal and eat holes through the inner wall of the bed. It had cow manure on it. Since it never got cleaned, this stuff and whatever other elements got on it had plenty of time to eat on it. The sheet metal may have rusted away easily, but the important stuff underneath seems to stick around forever.

19th Nov 2010, 00:24

The running gear of 1973-1986 Chevy and GMC pick-up trucks are of the sturdiest machinery you'll find on planet Earth. The styling was very cool, but that sheet metal was indeed bad. But what a tough chassis on them things! I've owned a few, and in hindsight really miss having them. Today's trucks don't have the toughness those old 'girl's' did, no way!

27th Apr 2012, 15:49

Just got myself a '78 C20, and it's just a lovely truck! The one I got is not pretty, but very sound when you look at the important stuff. Absolutely no rust in frame or suspension parts, has some rot in fenders and wheel arches. But it's a 35 year old work horse!

Everything just works perfectly on my truck!

Fuel economy is not great, But in over here in Sweden, with a truck as old as this, you don´t have to pay road tax ($800.00 a year on a newer one), which makes its total economy fair to good! (I know it will not please the "green people") I´m not gonna use it as a daily driver though!

Very nice to drive, but the 3.73 axle makes the engine a little buzzy over 60 mph. 14 MPG, so what...

On the highway it's as steady as a rock, and the brakes are just great!

Over here the C20's and full size US sedans were mainly used as newspaper transporters back in the day. The guys driving them where known for having no nerves... The important thing was to get the load to its destination as fast as possible! Bad accidents happened at 80 mph+...!