C20 Custom Deluxe 305 4 barrel

A truck that won't let you down

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C20 305 V8

GM full size = Tough as nails

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C20 Scottsdale 350 gas

This is the best truck ever made. I LOVE CHEVY

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C20 Silverado 350 gas

This has been the best truck I've ever owned

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C20 Scottsdale 6.2 Litre diesel

Old Reliable, Always Ready

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C20 Scottsdale 3+3 2WD 350 (original engine)

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C20 Scottsdale 5.7 350 V8

The best truck a dad could give his son!

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C20 Custom Deluxe 4x2 5.7 liter push-rod 350

Who cares about smoothness and refinement? These old tanks are the real deal

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