1967 Chevrolet Camaro 2dr HT 327 4bbl V8 from North America


A quirky little car, but a beauty and definitely fun to drive!


Front end alignment was a constant problem, possibly because the car had previously been wrecked.

The alternator needed replacement at around 55000 miles.

The car was pretty reliable otherwise.

General Comments:

With the 275 (gross) horsepower 327 V8, this little car would definitely get up and go! A previous owner had changed the carburetor to a Holley, which was supposed to have boosted performance somewhat. I do know that the carb gave the usual Holley problems unless it was tuned exactly right.

Transmission was the then-standard Powerglide with the shifter mounted on the steering column, instead of on the floor.

It certainly wasn't the most comfortable car to ride/drive in, and you could forget about cargo space, unless your cargo was a couple of sacks of groceries. Because the full-size spare tire took up most of the so-called trunk space.

One major downside: In wet weather, the car was almost dangerous to drive. If I hit a wet spot at just about any speed and hit the brakes quickly, the back end would swerve badly. Fortunately, I had no major wrecks, but several scares.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2007