1969 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport 350 from North America


You must own one at some point in your life!


Heater core.

Trans rebuild.

Having Rally centers stolen as it was daily driven at the time. Bought 2 full sets. Annoying, but no other harm done.

General Comments:

I wanted one of these since 1969. I am picky and knew exactly what I wanted. An absolutely incredible car. Reliable. Started every time and not once did it break down or require a tow. Was daily driven year round. Nowadays that's not even a consideration But I always kept it clean.

It's a car that needs to be garaged to avoid rust. I learned that having a heated garage can accelerate rusting vs an unheated garage. If driven in the snow, the melting and freezing can play havoc on a car body. Especially earlier models. Today people don't drive these cars in bad weather.

As far as maintenance, rebuilt the trans at my mom's boyfriend's auto shop. I would let him borrow it and he would surprise me with some upgrades or proactive maintenance. He did a new heater core. Was surprised to see the right fender off; he said was quicker and easier that way to install a new core. New complete exhaust system with correct turned 69 tips. High quality headers. Nice mellow tone. Hi rise manifold and new carb without disrupting the stock ice cube shaker stock hood. Was 325 HP plus.

New BF Goodrich radial tires new rally wheels. New brakes. Had front discs. New correct factory spec houndstooth interior. New seat covers and padding installed one winter by my 9 year old son and myself. The car was repainted - a high end job with all new trim, grille, front and new rear spoiler and fresh correct replacement emblems applied. All body gaps were now exact.

Even with all the upgrades, I made a lot of money selling this car to fund another classic. Little did I know I could have doubled it again in the present.

This is a must own vehicle for your bucket list. The 69 was the last first gen model. The rear axle went to a staggered axle to cure wheel hop. It's the perfect size muscle car. The next gen 70-72 are my next favorite Camaro body. The 69 in my opinion was the pinnacle year. I often wished I had the z/28 302 dual quads. But my Camaro was fun and never once let me down.

I kept this car a good while. My only regret was selling it. To replace a real nice SS 4 speed today is well into the 30k up range. Being conservative, if you stick to factory colors and correct trim. Bolt on restification that can be returned to stock form is not a bad idea. I am not a big fan of pro street mods, roll cages etc. But even modified, some bring a very big dollar.

I love the stock console with the stock gauge cluster in it. And 4 speeds are the way to go. If you can find an RS/SS, you have the beautiful front end. I don't really like the cowl hood, preferred the one I had. I bought a new set of hockey stripes, but ended up not installing after the new paint. I think it looked better without. I did black out the rear valance on the repaint, which was technically correct to the 396 car, not the 350. Not to deceive; just a personal preference. It could easily be painted back to the correct body color. Doing things like this can make a car harder to sell, so it's a consideration.

Hope you like my review.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2015

1969 Chevrolet Camaro 307 cubic inches from North America


It was not the best car I've ever owned, but it is one I wish I still had


Engine was rebuilt completely at 127000 miles.

Clutch was replaced at 127000 miles, and at 230000 miles.

Various things had to be replaced or repaired on a car with so many miles.

Engine was rebuilt again at 230000 miles, and the transmission replaced with another (rebuilt 3 speed).

General Comments:

Car was very reliable.

I could always count on it.

Handled fairly well, given its nose heavy design.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2011