1994 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe 3.4L V6 from North America


A cheaply made, unreliable pile.


Started overheating at around 77000mi.

Just had it tuned up at 75k. I took it to a mechanic who told me the head gasket was almost completely gone.

Had to replace front ball joints.

A/C stopped working at about 82K.

Amazingly bad build quality.

Windows don't meet up with weatherstripping, so every time I get it washed, water sprays into the car.

Makes about 65 different squeaks and rattles. Sounds like the car is going to fall apart.

Engine makes a strange winding sound when accelerating. It also runs extremely rough when going 45-60mph for some reason.

Just recently noticed when car is stopped in traffic there is a metal clanking sound.

General Comments:

I've never had a crappier car, and it doesn't even have very many miles on it.

Sluggish acceleration for a car with a V6. This is just about the slowest car I've ever driven and it is supposed to be sporty. Although it does handle well.

Interior is cheap.

Here are some non-sports cars I have driven that have more pickup than this "sports car": Contour, Expedition, Explorer, Sable.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2004

9th Sep 2004, 16:50

Not to sound rude, but it just looks to me like you didn't maintain your vehicle. Overheating should obviously be looked at before you drive it again. On top of that, it's an old car, so it's going to need a lot of matinance.

27th Sep 2004, 13:37

If you are disappointed with the Camaro's performance, you should probably have purchased an SS or Z28. The eight cylinder is obviously going to give you the zoom power woefully lacking in the 6 banger.

6th Feb 2009, 13:16

You have been a victim of a bad car. You should give Camaros another shot. These are great cars- far better in performance than a Mustang, not to mention reliability and good looks.

I strongly have to disagree with you on the power part. I drove a 2001 Explorer Limited 5.0 V8 for a couple years and it was slower than frozen crap. My cousin has a 1996 Camaro RS with V6 and it has awesome pick-up for a V6. Definitely beats the Explorer.

As for Sables I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that a large boat of a car with a 140-horsepower V6 can't beat a Camaro V6. Buy a car with a good history and higher miles because there is a good chance that many faulty parts were already replaced by previous owner on a higher mileage car.

23rd Feb 2009, 12:54

FYI, a Sable has 200 HP and weighs 800 pounds less than your V6 Camaro. Equivalent horsepower and lower weigh equals better performance times. Your V6 Camaro is slower than a full sized car like a Bonneville.

28th Dec 2010, 23:35

I read Mercury Sable in the earlier comments, and had to chime in. I do both have a 94 Camaro and a 94 Mercury Sable, and the Camaro all around takes the win. It holds up well.

As for the Sable, if you have done your research, you would know that there was a recall in the early 90's, because of the way the engines were built in them.

As for the Camaro; mine has 211,000 miles on it, and it's still kicking.

The Sable might have the room, but Mercury doesn't even exist anymore.

1994 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 covertible 5.7L from North America


A real head turner!


First off, the car had very little heat in the winter time, yet the motor runs hot and still does. The water pump was replaced, that didn't help. Thermostat, no, that wasn't it. had coolant system flushed, that helped some. I have to turn on the air conditioner to cool the engine. This is the only way the other cooling fan will come on. The mechanics at the dealership are telling me this is normal. I've never had another vehicle do this. The cost for replacing any part for this car is ridiculously expensive. I've had to replace the convertible top. $500.00 The convertible top covers were stolen so I had to replace them. Three pieces of plastic the dealership wanted over $700.00. I guess I was lucky to find them on line for half that price. At the moment I'm trying to replace the air intake tube with little help locating on line. The dealership wants $300 for that. I checked into replacing the distributor, Ha. Ha! $700 for that! Need I say anything about the cost of insurance? I'll just stop here!

General Comments:

I hate to think of all the money I've had to dump into this car. But, it is a beautiful car.

I get compliments everywhere I go.

Yeah, It's kind of fast too!

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004