2001 Chevrolet Camaro RS convertible 3.6 Liter V6 from North America


An absolute gem of a car


Car rides ruff. Steering is difficult even though it is equipped with power steering. Absolutely no room whatsoever.

General Comments:

Very reliable transportation, fun to drive.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2003

30th Mar 2007, 14:54

Isn't an RS a 6-cylinder sports car? If so, then no, it's not a balls to the wall great sports car. 6-cylinder sports cars are the worst type of motor vehicles anybody can drive if they've never at least several years with some 8-cylinder power.

14th Jan 2008, 19:15

I've got a 1999 Grand Prix GTP Coupe with an after market Cold Air Intake, Dynomax Exhaust System and new headers. So I agree that 3800's are bullet proof motors. Especially since I just smoked my friend's Mustang GT. My car had 240HP stock so I'm going to guess about 280 now. Oh yeah, and V6 Camaros have non supercharged or turbocharged 3800's with 205 HP so I could blow the doors off one of those too.

16th Jul 2009, 05:20

Of course the steering is tight in a car like this - it's a sporty coupe. You should be lucky to have steering like that! Most domestic models have the power-steering calibrated to make parking easier - which makes them a "twitch" to drive.

I'd rather have high-forward stability at 70mph than easy parking maneuvers at 17 anyday. ;)

2001 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe 5.7L from North America


Classic American muscle that won't break your wallet


The rear axle-mounted sway bar bushings began to squeak around 25000 miles. Fifteen minutes under the rear end with some lube and a 1/2 in. ratchet put a stop to that.

Window up/down and door lock buttons are a little rubbery.

Skip-shift is annoying.

General Comments:

This car is an amazing deal for the price. For about $26k, you are outfitted with a 310hp LS1, a gorgeous interior, and slot car handling. While the throw on the six speed could be a little shorter, the gears are quick and very broad.

This is my second Z28. My first was a '95. I dropped about $3k into my '95 in just performance mods, and the 2001 is already quicker, even stock. I decided to go for the $2500 option of the rally kit, which adds a split front air dam, side skirts, and a rear air dam, and a small, subtle wing. I'm pretty happy with the choice.

For those of you looking for a relatively inexpensive asphalt eater, this is your ticket. 0-60 in 5.2, 1/4 mile in the mid to high 13's. Six speed gearbox. Leather interior. Great handling. All for under $30k. You can't go wrong.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

28th Jan 2003, 18:22

My 2001 Z/28 is very fast and very enjoyable. After adding some extra things, this muscle car is very fast. Some miner problems, but the bumper to bumper covers that. Don't know why they stopped making them.

29th Apr 2003, 03:18

The skip shift is easily disconnected... did it on my T/A. Look it up on the net for details...

2001 Chevrolet Camaro SS V-8 from North America


The car has unbelievable acceleration


Nothing has gone wrong with the SS yet. It has only 1050 miles on the odometer.

General Comments:

This is no ordinary Camaro. The SS of mine has the six speed manual, cold air induction, dual catback exhaust, 17 inch tires, and all from the factory. It has incredible acceleration and the exhaust sound very, very good. It is not very comfortable but that was no surprise. This car is incredible performance for the dollar.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2002

3rd Nov 2005, 15:18

My Cobra will still burn your Camaro!

3rd Nov 2005, 17:26

Uh-this review was posted almost four years ago. Don't think he cares anymore!

7th Nov 2005, 23:23

Yeah he's not going to care at all, especially when he blows the doors off of your Cobra at a stop light! Not to mention by the way of your attitude you probably own one that's slow enough to get beat by imports. Try dumping your cobra and invested money in something that can run better than 14s in the quarter-mile.

27th Dec 2005, 11:46

I like eggs.