29th Apr 2001, 04:22

I would never own and drive a car that had a hard time going over 100 miles per hour.. I find this a minimal goal.. This is why every Chevy I have owned has done nothing but sit in my driveway until I sell it.. I have never put over 100 miles on a Chevy before selling it. They're too cheap for me, usually. I buy them with the thought that I may diversify my collection and then sell them in disgust.

12th May 2001, 21:31

I agree with you 100% The car is a great car! I got a 91 and a 92 model RS, and they are the best cars I ever have. They'll do 100mph like its doing 30mph. They are powerful cars and great cars. Stay with Chevys, my friend, cause they rule!

14th Jun 2001, 20:16

Well.. maybe.. I have been having very good luck with ford.. It could be what part of the country I am in.. perhaps the nearest chevy plant has poor quality control.. I do admire those new impalla's tho.. they are a good looking car. perhaps their new cars are better.. I should, perhaps, test drive a few.. I will take another survey and compare them with ford and dodge.. In Wisconsin, I think Ford is still going to win.

4th Sep 2001, 19:52

I think that the 1991 Camaro RS is a very reliable car. The only thing I have had to do to mine is put in a new alternator, but it was the original with 98,000 miles and over 10 years old.

The car is a great handler and is pretty quick considering the 305. Chevy should have put a little beefier cam in it and I think that it would have surprised a lot of people.

I am going to build my 305 to over 300 hp here in a few months, just to show people that a 305 can make power and costs just as much to build up as a 350, yet still gets better gas mileage.

As for the the speed thing, mine will run 130mph no problem. Oh, and what does it matter as to how fast a car will run? How often do you ever drive you car over 100mph? This car has run down a Mercedes SLK 230 Kompresser (supercharged 4 cylinder) and beat it by nearly 5 car lengths. All I have on my car is catback exhaust and a chip.

3rd Jan 2003, 06:28

I agree with the question about how often a person needs to drive over 100 mph. That's why there's speed limits!

22nd Feb 2003, 07:20

I'm looking forward to buying my first Chevy, the Camaro RS (1991). I'm hoping that this will be the inexpensive running cost vehicle that I've been looking for. I test drove the car and was very surprised at how much power I had at my disposal. The salesman enjoyed the spinning of the tires, and fish tailing, while I roared this 305 V8 coupled with a 5 speed with the AC cranking, on this 75 degree morning. 2k later it will be mine.

Charlie Bride.

27th Aug 2003, 10:38

I hate this car a Z28 94 Camaro. Had her for 2 years and it's giving me too many problems. I put 3000 dollars of work on her it does great for a month an then something else goes wrong.. Now she is spitting and spating while driving. Mechanic tells me it may be something with the Fiber Optic something or another! It going to cost several hundred dollars to fix I paid 6000 for her and look how much I have invested. I will fix this, but I will sell her for 6000 just to get ride of her... She is Red and Black really pretty, but a pain the the butt.

28th Nov 2005, 11:18

So your '91 Z-28 smoked a '03 Cobra? That's a good trick. Was the Cobra running or parked along the side of the road? I don't believe a '91 Camaro has ever posted a time of 0-60 in less than 4.5 seconds without some serious modifications. And S-a-l-e-e-n is how you spell Saleen. Guess they left you in the dust too fast to read that on the back end of their Mustang!! Keep dreaming though! Oh, and remember this is the posting site for conscious people not the ones still off in dream land! Oh and they are referred to as "she" because usually girls drive them...

28th Nov 2005, 13:37

Yeah, somebody has their priorities mixed up. They are referred to as "girls" because they are sexy and fun, and will treat you very well if you treat them well. Girls actually drive Mustangs if you actually read sales reports, which is why the Mustang is actually more popular with the majority of the girls in the US still to this day.

I own a 89 Iroc Z Camaro with the TPI 350 and every option, and I don't really care nor does anyone else that your $35,000 Mustang is faster than mine. I'm glad I enjoy the fact it has 300hp/420tq (slightly modded), and is a fun, stylish car to drive over 15 years later. For a $3400 investment I have a car that gets compliments all the time and does 0-60 in 6 seconds or less. Its fast enough for me, I don't need to end my life over a car. Plus the best part is it doesn't sound like a turbo on crack when I hit the gas (Saleen's have a super charger) unlike your car. Its nice to not hear that god awful whine and only loud, powerful exhaust tones.

29th Nov 2005, 08:15

Well if you don't care about beating Mustangs why did you modify your Camaro? You are very much in the minority of Camaro owners who don't care about beating a Mustang given the reviews on here. "Slightly Modded" does not usually add 60 HP and over 100 pound feet of torque. A normally aspirated Mustang from the 80's will beat any Camaro stock from the same year up until '93 when they started using the 5.7 LT-1 more closely tuned to Vette specs. At that point Ford already had such a huge market share they didn't feel it was necessary to compete closely with the Camaro. Guess what... they were right. Even the slower Mustang outsold the Camaro by a ridiculous margin! They stopped production of the Camaro/ Firebird because they were being outsold like 3 to 1 by the Mustang and GM saw no benefit to having them in their lines. Yes, girls do drive a lot of the Mustangs, but mostly the V-6 models. The GT's and Cobra's are usually driven by guys as girls, in general, don't care as much about performance... (usually, but not always). I really don't have a strong preference for either car and I like the Camaro's and the Mustang's. The facts are as they are for performance and the Camaro sadly is no longer with us while the Mustang lives on...

29th Nov 2005, 18:21

Actually I didn't care about beating mustangs when I bought my camaro and I still don't to this day. The thing I was trying to say was that you can't compare a $35000 Saleen mustang to a 14 year old Camaro.

I think that's "slightly modded" since no major modifications to the engine, transmission, or suspension have been done. It came that way for the $3400 that I paid for it, and it was exactly what I wanted (an 89 IROC Z that looked classy, had the 5.7L engine, and had every option). It was so cheap because the previous owner thought the transmission was bad and I didn't even know it was "slightly modded" when I looked at either. Turned out the TV cable wasn't adjusted properly. It only has a bigger exhaust, a shift kit, k&n air filters, msd ignition, better brakes, and a very nice new paint job as far as I know. Oh, sorry if I put the wrong numbers down, its about 325hp and 405 pounds of torque (stock it puts down 245hp/345lb of trq). Those were the last numbers I got from it when I took it in to get the transmission checked (guy has a dyno in his shop).

All I can say is I enjoy my car and I am very happy with my investment. Maybe the Mustang is more popular, then again it has been for over 40 years, even during the dark ages of performace cars (late 70s to early 80s) when it still outsold the Camaro.

Don't get me wrong, I like mustangs too, I just chose the Camaro over a Mustang because I liked the looks better, wanted t-tops, and safety was a concern also (wanted a heavier car, been in a bad accident caused by a 90 cobra losing control in light rain).

Actually I get people that own mustangs ask me about my car all the time, even guys with the new 2005 GT compliment me also. My neighbor who owns a 93 Cobra Convertible allways compliments me on my car, helps me work on mine and his, and actually did a burnout along side mine once before too. We get along fine, just not with "riced out" civics.

30th Nov 2005, 08:30

We'd get along just fine... I like both cars as well. I wasn't trying to compare a Saleen to a 14 year old Camaro. Just pointing out stock figures year to year. Sounds like you have a nice set up there. I came real close to picking up a Camaro more than once in my days of car buying. One was a '94 Z-28 with 11K on it that had a 6-speed and had never seen the rain! I test drove 3 or 4 new ones as well and even an SS convertible. They are nice with the LT-1 and LS-1 engines. I find the Mustang is a little easier to see out of front and back for every day driving though. I am always looking for another 5.0 with super low miles on it. This time I will add the supercharger just to make it current with the performance numbers of today. As long as you're having fun, who cares what your driving?