18th Aug 2001, 22:37

I have a 1989 IROC-Z with a 5.7L. It hauls ass! It's got to be one of the all time best body styles too.

24th Sep 2001, 09:59

I have the same exact car. 1989 2.8 ltr RS. I am 20 yrs old, and I take care of the car, something that the previous owner didn't. My car now has 188,000 miles and it is still going strong. As far as no power goes; it may not be a Z28, but it still flies.

2nd Mar 2002, 22:19

I have a 89 RS with the 305, 5 speed, and I have had to replace the distributor - rusted up on the wires, <- cap & rotor, fuel pump, fuel filter, headliner <- big one on Camaros, clutch <- squeaky little thing, throttle position sensor, map sensor, and "rebuilt" the tbi, and new 255/60R15 in back, and 215/65R15 in front with American Racing rims, but the thing still halls ass when I need it too, but it only gets about 15mpg. Too bad I had to put that much money into it to get it that way.

3rd Nov 2002, 18:15

I bought a '89 Camaro RS from someone that basically jury rigged the whole wiring system. I wouldn't have bought the car if had known about this, but it was a good price at $1400. Also the passenger side door doesn't open! Other than that it gets me where I what to go. I have a 305 V8 and 5-speed transmission. The t-tops are fine without any leaking (as far as I know). So I can kind of relate.

24th Jun 2004, 16:03

I have a 89 rs with a 350fi that came from a caprice cop car I had no trouble until I burnt the trans out very nice car wish it had t-tops.

21st Feb 2008, 10:00

I have a 1989 camaro rs t-top it came with a 2.8 which was nice, but I just droped a 388 in it it is fast and handles great great car to own.

9th Oct 2009, 19:08

I bought a 1989 R/S, 2 years ago from a fly by night car dealership for the amount of 2,500. I thought at the time this is the car I have always wanted!! So now she's mine, first thing to go was the old engine oil, and to my surprise! everything under my car was factory original!! sweet! It's all finely tuned and runs great! The comment on changing plugs? I found that working from under the car is much easier. My car is powered by a 305 with automatic trans. What a great car! It had 64,000 original miles!

13th Mar 2010, 17:20

I'm 21 and I bought a 89' Camaro RS with a 305 V8 5-speed auto trans for $1,000 in Annapolis. It needed a tune up and new muffler. Not the fastest, but runs great. It turned over on the first day, I've been in love ever since.